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No. sentence
1 When the male reproductive cell fertilizes the female reproductive cell a zygote is formed.
2 CTC fluorescence was polar distributed in the zygote protoplast.
3 Sporogonium the sporophyte generation in mosses and liverworts. it develops from the zygote and comprises the foot, seta, and capsule. the sporogonium is parasitic on the gametophyte generation.
4 first division of zygote produces two equal hemispheric cells by the first partition wall at the right angles to the axis of the archegonium.
5 The classical literature of embryology documents these patterns in detail for the zygote in situ.
6 If the fertilization could be finished, a majority of the zygote can finish the first cleavage and develop into 2-cell embryo.
7 For example, in the development of the plant embryo from the zygote, one end becomes the radicle, the other gives rise to cotyledons.
8 After fertilization through the micropyle, the zygote turned into dormancy status without certain time phase.
9 of a zygote into a morula is called fragmentation.
10 develops from the zygote and comprises the foot, seta, and capsule.
11 After all, every of our cells is zygote.
12 Our cells are actually copies of zygote.
13 In any animal, every cell contains exactly the same DNA, and that DNA comes from the zygote.
14 This cell is the zygote.
15 So what scientists are going to do is that they try to clone a person, attempting to get stem cells from their "zygote". It is this action that shocks the world.
16 effect of gamete treatment was similiar to that of zygote treatment.
17 Objective To investigate the relationship between the first polar body morphology of oocyte and the zygote morphology in pronucleus stage, embryo quality in cleavage stage.
18 a haploid organism that represents the vegetative stage in life cycles in which diploidy is restricted to the zygote.
19 From the time it's formed as a zygote, even every Chinese baby's heart is innately filled with much hate for not only you, but your children as well.
20 can inhibit the growing of bacteria in the water and help the zygote to grow into a stronger embryo, larva, and seedling.
21 Mammalian fertilization consists of an intricate cascade of cell-cell interactions that culminate in the fusion of sperm and egg membranes and formation of a zygote.
22 Embryos for transfer were selected initially by embryo growth rate and morphology, secondarily by zygote grade.
23 Karyogamy the fusion of two nuclei that exist within a common cytoplasm, as occurs in the formation of the zygote from two gametes.
24 An isolated cell come close to satisfying the likeness of a zygote.
25 Almost from its inception it follows a developmental pattern sharply divergent from that of the zygote.
26 If too early for people after pregnancy, then endometrial not fully recovered, and difficult to maintain the zygote cots and development, so it's pretty easy to cause abortion.
27 haploid organism's germ cells then combine with another haploid organism's cells, creating the zygote.
28 The innovation that defines these nonalgal plants is the presence of female reproductive organs with protective cell layers that protect the zygote and developing embryo.
29 Commonly, in sexual reproduction of unicellular and colonial algae, two specialized, sexually compatible, haploid gametes make physical contact and fuse to form a zygote.
30 While similar to that of the gregarines it differs in zygote formation.