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1 zygomatic major muscle that turns the corners of the lips up, and the orbicularis oculi muscle that squeezes the eyes into the famous fanned wrinkles also known as crows feet.
2 zygomatic major muscle that turns the corners of the lips up, and the orbicularis oculi muscle that squeezes the eyes into the famous fanned wrinkles otherwise known as crows feet.
3 Objective: To explore the effective treatment way of orbital zygomatic fracture with diplopia, reduce orbital capacity and regenerate referenced criterion of orbital capacity.
4 There are communicating branches among the temporal branches, the zygomatic branches and the supraorbital and lacrimal nerves of the ophthalmic nerve.
5 Sequela: Center rouge in cheek place, can highlight overly zygomatic, give a person curt and inflexible sense thereby.
6 Along the way he identified a particular type of smile that engages both the zygomatic major and the orbicularis oculi - muscles that raise the corners of the mouth and cheeks, respectively.
7 Methods Deeign the flap of the zygomatic or the temporal region with the orbicularis oculi muscle to pedicled repair the eyelid skin defect of the same side.
8 Activation and artifact were reduced in EEG record with zygomatic reference electrode.
9 Methods: According to the mirror imaging symmetry principle, we assumed the skull as an entirety and design the localizer to measure the projections of zygoma and zygomatic arch.
10 Measurements included the slope angle of zygomatic body on sagittal sectional image, the maximal horizontal distance from the buccal boundary of maxillary alveolar to outboard of maxillary sinus.
11 Objective: to explore the method to construct three-dimensional finite element model for maxillary posterior-tooth area, maxillary sinus, zygoma and zygomatic implant.
12 Objective To study the selection of surgical incisions of zygomatic fractures.
13 Methods:113 cases of midface fractures were reviewed. The nasal bone fracture, zygomatic arch fracture, optic nerve contusion, zygomatic maxilla fracture were treated.
14 Methods Based on the former instrument for rapid tiny-hurt traction, reposition and fixation of fracture of zygomatic bone, various aspect have been improved.
15 height of the zygomatic bone of modern Europeans in smaller than that of Huabei skulls, but is similar as Yunnan's.
16 Methods On 100 cranial bones according to specified methods using vernier to measure the subcutaneous segment of each bone suture that is made by zygomatic bone and approximal bone.
17 Objective To explore a new method and the feature of traumatism in sheep for zygomatic bone comminuted fracture by Bio impact device.
18 Spiral ct three-dimensional reconstruction measurement can identify the degree of fracture shift exactly instruct and evaluate the operational restoration of zygomatic complex fractures.
19 Its zygomatic arches are far apart from the skull, forming a large temporal cavity which enables the large development of the temporal muscle.
20 AIM To evaluate the instructional effect of spiral ct three-dimensional reconstruction and stereo-measurement on zygomatic complex fracture operation.
21 Objective to study the application of superciliary arch incision, infraorbital incision and maxillary vestibular incision to the treatment with zygomatic fractures.
22 Superior buccal gingival sulcus incision dissection was made inferior to zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch periosteum.
23 Objective: To explore effective methods for zygomatic complex fracture.
24 Hundreds of White Castle coming to the zygomatic, which its beak to the grape of the Castle defender.
25 Objective To investigate a new technique of reduction malarplasty for prominent malar complex and zygomatic arch.
26 Objective: to provide anatomical foundation for the anesthesia of orbicular muscle of eye by locating the temporal branches and zygomatic branches of facial nerve.
27 Objective To investigate the value of scalp coronal incision in jaw fractures, especially in maxillofacial zygoma, zygomatic arch, orbital fractures.
28 Results The location, shape and displacement of fragment of zygomatic bone and zygomatic arch fractures were demonstrated stereoscopically through 3D images reconstructed from helical CT.
29 restore the zygomatic and zygomatic arch in Width and height, Is the key point of lateral surface in the midface appearance and function recovery.
30 It contains a thin but complete zygomatic arch.