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1 Tour operators offer trips to the islands from Bali, while the animals can be seen at a number of zoos, including London.
2 So we keep putting them into zoos to protect them from poachers, as well as from habitat destruction.
3 Research has shown female pandas who are pregnant with twins deliver the second cub anytime between 12 minutes and 12 hours after giving birth to the first, according to the zoo's Web site.
4 Her latest book, animals Make Us human, is an amazing tour DE force of animal-human relationships, with chapters on our companion animals, as well as on livestock, wildlife, and zoos.
5 Lions and tigers are fierce animals, so when they are in zoos, they live in strong cages.
6 And this is only what happens in accredited zoos.
7 Nobody was there to warn them. Nobody let them out of the zoos or houses. There were no discussions (as may be obvious).
8 Many zoos are eager to increase their stock of rare and exotic animals, but there are not enough pandas for all the zoos that want one.
9 I was used to looking at giant snakes in zoos (I always made a beeline for the reptile house), but pythons did not seem so scary to me because they rarely moved.
10 way to preserve species under threat of extinction - whatever the cause - is to remove them to zoos and parks and breed them there.
11 said polar bears and grizzlies have been successfully paired in zoos and that their offspring are fertile, but there had been no documented case in the wild.
12 If you decide to visit a zoo ask whether it adheres to the World Association of Zoos and Aquariums' Code of Ethics before you enter.
13 has only been a handful of zoos around the world that have had success with breeding this species and we currently have more eggs in the incubator.
14 This is one of the zoos I have visited.
15 Only nine zoos outside China currently house the animals, three of which are in Europe.
16 Not only for food, but as beasts of burden, as raw materials and assources of captive entertainment — which is the way animals are used in zoos, circuses and the like.
17 Zoos of various kinds are justifying their existence by providing a lifeline for the existence of critically endangered species.
18 Hundreds of reports about the behaviour of animals in modern zoos support the idea of building complex enclosures.
19 their research, published in the American Journal of Primatology, scientists studied chimpanzees, orangutans and gorillas from zoos in Japan and Indonesia.
20 has been a move against keeping elephants in cramped enclosures at city zoos.
21 Zoos required hundreds of new animals a year -- now their suppliers were out of power, and the future of the game refuges from which the animals were taken was in doubt.
22 They're such lousy swimmers that some zoos have stopped surrounding enclosures with moats –too many orang-utans have drowned.
23 The two former elephant trainers had seen enough abuse and neglect at circuses and zoos to inspire them to create a haven where elephants could live out their lives.
24 Zoos Survive the Economic Crisis?
25 Other zoos have gotten into the World Cup spirit as well.
26 Most of the 63 pandas living there were relocated to zoos around the country.
27 Japanese association of Zoos and aquariums is a WAZA member, but most Japanese aquariums don't belong to the national association.
28 The company provides vending machines stocked with diapers and other baby items, such as pacifiers, wipes and sunscreen, to child-oriented locations, including zoos and museums.
29 Bekoff, hopes that greater understanding of what animals are feeling will spur more stringent rules on how animals should be treated, everywhere from zoos and circuses to farms and backyards.
30 But zoos today are, more often than not, places where endangered species are bred in verdant and naturalistic enclosures.