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1 At this point, you have a fully functional map pulling data in from multiple sources, including default functionality to pan with the mouse and zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.
2 I can zoom in to get more detail or switch to satellite mode if my trek takes me off-road.
3 If you zoom out at this point, we shall get a view of the whole square.
4 The same sequence of images is replayed several times, with a final "zoom out" to show the whole disk of the Sun.
5 If you like to photograph birds or touchdown passes, look for a long zoom that can extend optically to 200mm or even 400mm.
6 You can pan and zoom around a map, search for a college or cafe, and get driving directions, among other tasks.
7 Now a new design gives this curved camera a boost: the shape of the lens and of its sensor can be changed in synchrony, providing a 3.5x zoom.
8 shape of the detector must match the varying curvature of the image surface to accommodate continuously adjustable zoom, and this is easily done with this new hemispherical eye camera.
9 This is the magnifying glass icon with an dotted box around it; the zoom region tool allows you to zoom in on the chart to get more detailed view of the data.
10 Additionally, when you zoom the page of pixels, the sizes grow disproportionately, and you end up with different text fields covering each other.
11 If the zoom is great enough, a label overlay appears on the course area revealing the name of the course.
12 Unless you're using the default "galactic zoom" desktop background, which has had a facelift, a freshly booted Mac running Snow Leopard will look identical to one running Leopard.
13 This allows us to asynchronously pan and zoom the web content, without waiting for the browser to scroll or zoom the actual content.
14 Actions supported include zoom and scroll, expand and collapse, and navigation to an activity details view.
15 Zoom in on the bottom end of the lofted surface and skin together the curves in the order shown below.
16 However, a different strain was found in a mass grave in Bergen op Zoom, a port in the southern Netherlands.
17 While you were using Google Earth to zoom in on your house, these archaeologists used it to find places to dig.
18 Since BPMN and BPEL are becoming the most mentioned BPM technologies, let's zoom in on the mapping between them.
19 And zoom on the easiest question for you, that way two things happen.
20 Also, initially we did not have the transient zoom feature for navigating and re-arranging bubbles.
21 You cannot just tell the computer to enhance that or can you clean that up and then magically use zoom in not only on the image but also on the reflection of the victim in someone's eyeball.
22 camera application has been redesigned to take advantage of a larger screen for quick access to exposure, focus, flash, zoom, front-facing camera, and more.
23 The computed movement is then restricted to the maximum distance from the center of the zoom slider.
24 Eurostar trains to and from Paris even zoom past the club’s Emirates Stadium, a corner of Islington that is forever France.
25 To pass off the trickery the married couple, both professional snappers, use macro lenses to zoom up close on the surface of the food.
26 Pages snap into view as fast as they would on a desktop, and you rarely have to zoom out or scroll sideways to view their content.
27 I slung one camera around my neck, put the other with the longer zoom lens in a backpack, and started pedaling.
28 The root lays the foundation for the contents by providing various graphical layers, such as connection layers, handle layers, etc., and possibly zoom or other functionality at the viewer level.
29 This provides a nice wide viewable area for the tiles at various stages of the zoom process.
30 On summer afternoons, when the sun seeps under the trees to backlight the hive, the approaching sunlit bees zoom into their tiny dark opening like curving tracer bullets.