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No. sentence
1 You never know if one of your children might actually grow up to be a zoologist because of the foundation you laid during their childhood!
2 is also possible, though, that gorillas hunt in the wild, but that no zoologist has yet observed them do so.
3 biologist might study, or a zoologist might study, cats.
4 Dr. Dundee, who hails Sydney, is a famous zoologist who has done a lot of research on the prevention of respiratory in cattle the University of Sydney.
5 This is a classic example of freak events coinciding,” noted Peter Boeckmann, a leading Norwegian zoologist. “In the United States, the reaction is: 'Oh no, doomsday is coming!
6 I decided then and there that I was going to be a zoologist, and I had a notebook filled with information about various animals.
7 Life, as zoologist Ernst Mayr said, only makes sense in terms of evolution.
8 Zoologist Harris Hawthorne Wilder developed this conceptual framework, which he called "Cosmobia" , to understand certain developmental abnormalities.
9 Martin Stevens, a zoologist at the University of Cambridge, UK, says that Current Zoology is now finding a niche.
10 In the case of humans, one might think that it is hardly necessary to get the professional opinion of a zoologist on the matter.
11 Now, the species he is trying to save is his own, and the insights of a zoologist turn out to be quite useful.
12 He is a zoologist.
13 A zoologist attempts to capture a northern gannet affected by the oil spill.
14 Quotes a distinguished zoologist as saying that frogs become agitated as the temperature slowly rises and struggle to escape, although it does not specify how the zoologist knows this.
15 Another zoologist who is using robots to understand the behaviour of real animals is Daniel Germann, of the University of Zurich.
16 Alexander came to know about the record set by an American zoologist and insists on beating the record. Money he can get will be spent on food for his animals.
17 a zoologist, they are strikingly different.
18 English zoologist and comparative anatomist who opposed Darwin's evolution theory.
19 They needed water to survive, " says Brian Kuhn, a zoologist from the Johannesburg university—called Wits for short—who works at the Malapa site.
20 Pelton introduced him to renowned zoologist, Dr. George Schaller, who quickly saw the passion Rabinowitz had for nature and offered him a research position in Belize.
21 Zoologist Ingi Agnarsson and colleagues have found Darwin's bark spider webs as wide as 82 feet (25 meters) -about as long as two city buses.
22 a zoologist Jason Badridze who grew up several generations of Wolf cubs and taught them to escape hunters and people in general.
23 At last the zoologist understood why the antelopes on the east were stronger.
24 Zoologist Eugene Morton has propounded a general theory of the vocal sounds that animals make.
25 According to German zoologist Frisch s research on honeybees dance behavior, brought forward nectar source localization model based on honeybee dance.
26 The zoologist had spent a long time living with monkeys.
27 She says she wants to be a zoologist in the future.
28 I am a zoologist and the naked ape is an animal.
29 Caption: Simon, who trained as a zoologist before taking up photography 12 years ago now works as a wildlife cameraman travelling the world shooting documentaries.
30 a zoologist guide, and several Indian guides.