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1 This was an issue in the law of nuisance, but modern controls go far beyond this. Zoning is a familiar type of land use restriction.
2 firm eventually erected more than 300 buildings, many of which were controversial because they circumvented zoning laws or were said to skimp on quality.
3 SAN zoning, LUN masking, or mapping that needs to be done on the storage subsystem needs to be done to make the same LUNs available to both the VIOS partitions.
4 To simplify the management of zoning, assign aliases to each WWPN to identify the device attached to the port.
5 Beware of falling into the routine of coming home, turning on the TV or computer and zoning out from each other.
6 But some worry that once the city changes the zoning rules to accommodate these plans, Thor will simply resell the sites at a much higher price.
7 When purchasing land, investors should investigate if it has sewer and water, what type of zoning it has and what you can do with it as well as the location of the property.
8 This paper introduces the general situation of Jincheng Area, and establishes the eco-economical zoning of Jinceheng Area by using eco-economics, statistics and GIS.
9 The house is waiting for something, a zoning change or a will to come out of probate, and then it will be torn down.
10 Note: This process assumes that all IP addresses have been predetermined and that the SAN zoning of the disks is complete.
11 is trying to decide whether to change county zoning regulations to allow utility waste landfills like Ameren’s.
12 vertical distributions of the formation water chemic and dynamical belts have obvious zoning features.
13 To avoid disaster and protect lives and property, liquefaction differentiation and liquefaction zoning to the ground soil in Panjin are of great necessity.
14 Yet when Sweden liberalized zoning rules in retail, the result was a big boost to productivity.
15 Surprisingly, we found a lack of zoning can generate exceptional forms of urbanism and architecture.
16 Zoning ordinances divide towns into zones designated for different USES.
17 State legislatures delegate to cities and towns the power to promulgate ordinances or by-laws in limited areas of law, including zoning, rent control, schools, traffic, and parking.
18 This is a good time to push for change, for the zoning system is looking shaky.
19 ore-forming geochemical characteristics were confirmed according to the primary halos and elements zoning of known deposits. The imposed anomaly was the important prospecting targets in the area.
20 Zoning splits a SAN into multiple, isolated subnetworks.
21 zoning page can be reached using the far right button in the group on the bottom lefthand corner of the window.
22 the current case is complicated by Zuccotti Park's unusual status: under a zoning deal struck with the city, it is a privately owned space that must be open to the public at all times.
23 to be responsible for the investigations, appraisals, zoning, exploitation and utilization, management and coordination of the agricultural resources;
24 Csikszentmihalyi ever said the perfect state of flow, or zoning, occurs when our skills exactly measure up to the challenges confronting us.
25 Ahmad squats on a damaged bank near the Aquaculture Centre as an FAO official explains how zoning might work to his advantage.
26 Due to zoning restrictions, the massing is divided into nine separated blocks with the commercial area no larger than 300 square meters each.
27 If the active path is not the same as the preferred, most likely there is a cabling, zoning, or hardware problem.
28 new data of metallogenic epochs, the zoning of the mineralization, fluid inclusions and deep mining outcrops in the Jinqingding gold deposit have been reviewed comprehensively.
29 Party reformers want to end zoning in the hope of getting a better class of leader.
30 is not just the presidency that is subject to zoning.