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No. sentence
1 The config zone contains your configuration.
2 formed Tengchong Jinghong NNW zone and Dali Chuxiong NWW zone have an important role in the block division.
3 Temporal fractal characteristic of seismic activity during 1992-2002 in Yunnan Chuxiong seismic zone is studied.
4 Paleomagnetic results from the both sides of Honghe fault zone have shown that the Yangzi block has been united with the Qiangtang terrane since Cretaceous.
5 Europe is at its chaotic worst. France and Britain want a no-fly zone, but Germany, deaf to the pleas of Libyans, sees only risks and entanglement.
6 In Miami an exclusion zone of 2,500 feet has helped create a camp of homeless offenders under a bridge.
7 half of the park's revenues are spent on development projects in the "buffer zone", where farmers live alongside rhinos and other animals.
8 Few reports have surfaced from Concepcion, close to where the earthquake first struck, though initial reports say the city is "devastated" and now looks "like a war zone".
9 smoldering fire and fumes prevented rescue workers from getting near the plant, officials say the blast area resembles a war zone.
10 Racing over in his car, he smashed into a concrete barrier at 140 km an hour in a 50 km zone.
11 Then we add the picture to the "trash" zone.
12 In addition, both regions reside within the Ring of Fire, which is a zone surrounding the Pacific Ocean where the Pacific tectonic plate and other plates dive beneath other slabs of Earth.
13 all of the countries were attracting large inflows of foreign capital, largely because markets believed that membership in the euro zone made Greek, Portuguese and Spanish bonds safe investments.
14 no-fly zone over Libya would probably have to be through a "coalition of the willing" rather than a UN Security Council resolution-which would probably be opposed by both Russia and China.
15 Wolfson economics prize invites the submission of ideas for the orderly exit of one or more members of the euro zone.
16 Located in the heart of the Chianti Classico zone, the Fonterutoli winery has been in the hands of Mazzei family since 1435.
17 So it becomes very important to, when you're designing or modelling a reactor, understand the nature of what's outside the core and whether or not fluxes will peak in that zone.
18 But, in a crucial week for the euro zone, he can draw some comfort from the surprising way that the French have reacted to the sovereign-debt crisis.
19 The key is to balance it so the student gains confidence and have an easier time leaving their comfort zone the next time.
20 IF the euro zone were an old-fashioned family, Germany would be the stern father telling his wayward children to go to bed early and not to spend all their pocket money at once.
21 I appear to have bartered over the buffer zone and haggled the soldier down.
22 SO MUCH for Russia's "zone of privileged interests" and the West's worries about it.
23 The European Commission’s president, José Manuel Barroso, claimed it showed the euro zone would do “whatever it takes” to defend itself.
24 quarry to be found in the demilitarised zone, North spotted a dozing enemy across the border.
25 Yet Belgium has set out a budget and even dispatched fighter jets to help police the no-fly zone over Libya.
26 Indulgence isn't the only problem for the middle-aged musician who thinks they're past the danger zone, though.
27 Check the feed throat cooling and focus on extruder zone 1 for resolution.
28 Security gateways may reside in a different security zone to the rest of the ESB and would provide connectivity to external clients.
29 Regularization of protected areas and recognition of indigenous lands are approaches which have been successfully used in this zone.
30 larger tension stress in the hydraulic turbine blades, grain coarsening in the heat-affected zone and the causticity of fluid medium are the major causes of cavitation erosion.