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1 Gas reactors require enrichments in the order of up to 20%. So we need to fabricate the uranium into pellets which are clad in zirconium tubes which are placed into the reactor core.
2 The star might even be shrinking as it cools, causing various elements to float into the atmosphere or sink to the bottom — with that glittery zirconium layer front and center.
3 A number of substances have been used as positive contrast agents: silver, bismuth, caesium, thorium, tin, zirconium, tantalum, tungsten and lanthanide compounds have been used as contrast agents.
4 pellets of nuclear fuel are encased in hard alloys based on zirconium (which lets neutrons pass freely through), to make fuel rods.
5 If the zirconium melts, the fuel pellets embedded in it can melt, too, sinking to the bottom of the pressure vessel.
6 A BWR contains thousands of thin, straw-like tubes 12 feet in length, known as fuel rods, that in the case of Fukushima are made of a zirconium alloy.
7 As the rods heat up, their zirconium cladding can rupture, which releases gaseous radioactive iodine inside, and may even cause the uranium to melt and release much more radioactive material.
8 fuel rods' zirconium casings then begin to react with the steam.
9 Nanoparticle zirconium is fabricated by surface modification of polymer and drying process of organic solvent substituting water.
10 As temperatures soared, the zirconium alloy coating the fuel apparently split or melted, reacting with the steam to produce copious amounts of hydrogen gas.
11 It has zirconium/hydrogen reaction rate and where it occurred, obviously about the same place. The percentage reaction.
12 This would convert zirconium into zirconium oxide and release hydrogen.
13 pixels are pieces of zirconium dioxide, 30 microns across, that have been coated on one side with a layer of silver 1.23 microns thick.
14 Other stars, like our Sun, might have trace amounts of zirconium -- maybe one atom in two billion -- but LS IV-14 116 has one zirconium atom for every 200, 000 atoms.
15 When used with silica and zirconium grinding media, the HT Homogenizer is also effective in disrupting microorganisms.
16 A kind of process for preparing hydrous zirconium fluoride is introduced.
17 Zirconium is almost as strong as steel.
18 The results show that the zirconium atom exist as tetramer in sol and the nano zirconia is the product of deprotonation and polymerization of the tetramer.
19 Another transition metal Zirconium (Zr), which belongs to the same periodic element group as ti, is also an attractive material.
20 production of high quality Zirconium Silicate Products .
21 M5 alloy was a new zirconium alloy used in high burn up assembly such as fuel cladding, end plug, guide tube and grid spring and so on.
22 With the continual extension of applications, the prospects of zirconium chemicals will be still better.
23 test shows that the using condition of modified zirconium spinel brick is more bad than direct-bonded magnesia brick but as for chrome periclase-spinel compound brick (LYC) it is better.
24 zirconium can react with water to produce zirconium oxide and hydrogen.
25 Zirconium compounds can crosslink polymers which contain suitable functional groups, such as carboxyl and hydroxyl.
26 The quantitative analysis is described for the zirconium content by use of XRF(X-ray fluorescence method) zircon stone refractory in this paper.
27 Quartz mineral resources, iron, zeolite, coal, such as zirconium.
28 review on aluminum zirconium glycine salts antiperspirant active was presented.
29 Lead Zirconate Titanate ceramic material has been prepared by sol-gel method with Titanium butoxide, Zirconium alkoxide and anhydrous lead acetate.
30 properties of organic boron, organic boron zirconium crosslinking a-gents applied in reservoir with high temperature are better than that of borax and organic transitional m…