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zinc in a sentence

121. Zinc is a fair conductor of electricity.

122. Zinc borate is used as a flame retardant.

123. In 1851 he used zinc oxide as a filler.

124. The Faro lead-zinc mine opened in 1969.

125. Zinc is a fair conductor of electricity.

126. Zinc sulfate powder is an eye irritant.

127. 15% of zinc; and over 20% of manganese.

128. Mineral resources include lead-zinc ore.

129. mines gold, zinc, copper and silver ores;

130. zinc finger inhibitor – zinc fingers.

131. currently with one mine producing Zinc.

132. A brass is an alloy of copper with zinc.

133. Steel plated with zinc may be chromated.

134. This active site contains two zinc ions.

135. This gene encodes a zinc finger protein.

136. Both mines extract mainly zinc and lead.

137. including copper, iron, and zinc

138. Zinc reacts with alkalis as with acids.

139. The active component is a zinc amalgam.

140. Zinc was an unwanted metal at that time.

141. That area is now part of Zinc Township.

142. This zinc enzyme has broad specificity.

143. General Office of M&H Zinc Company.

144. The dado is richly illuminated on zinc."

145. This gene encodes a zinc-finger protein.

146. From 1906 to 1928, zinc was mined there.

147. and the black material is zinc tailings.

148. leased the mine for its zinc prospects.

149. Copper and zinc are fused to make brass.

150. Zinc and protein intakes are adequate.