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1 In fact, there is a pillar there of high purity zinc that stood for the duration.
2 Other raw vegetables can be useful: for instance, carrots are a good source of calcium and peas a good source of zinc and protein.
3 Some microbes like nothing better than to be nestled in a toxic sludge of heavy metals like zinc, arsenic and cadmium.
4 Conclusion Serum contents changes of calcium, zinc, cuprum, and ferrous were related to nephrotic syndrome.
5 If you're opting for lean cuts of grass-fed beef(like top round and sirloin tip), you'll get a good source of iron and zinc, the two most important minerals in the body.
6 be filled with scorching water, were it not for industrial pumps that facilitate the mining of silver, zinc, lead, and other minerals in the caves.
7 They engineered it so that one end carries a catalyst-iridium oxide. Bound at the other end are light-sensitive pigments, zinc porphyrins.
8 If carry momentum is big, be short of zincic more, when perspiring because of the man, than feminine loss more zinc.
9 coming shortage of everything - cement, iron ore, coal, steel, lead, zinc, aluminum and copper.
10 Though galvanisation is often done by dipping steel in liquid zinc, it is sometimes done by electrolysis—nickel and copper plating are normally done this way.
11 China is rich in iron ore, bauxite, zinc, nickel, coal and crude oil deposits.
12 Like the base metals of copper, aluminium, zinc and nickel, speciality metals are driven by industrial activity.
13 effect of ceria nanoparticles on electrodeposited zinc coatings had been investigated.
14 Passivation technology on electrodeposited zinc in titanium solution was provided as an alternative treatment to chromate blue passivation.
15 orientation of electrodeposited zinc in five different electrolytes were studied by means of X-ray diffraction technique.
16 Zinc are discussed based on the hydrometallurgy plant practice, and the improving quality of the electrodeposited zinc measure are put forward.
17 Half of this is spent on social programmes, from zinc roofs and livestock to subsidised bus travel.
18 he built a scintillation screen, which is essentially a cloth fiber that was covered with zinc sulfide.
19 Cerro DE Pasco has been mined, mainly for silver, lead and zinc, since the 17th century.
20 Al, Pb, Cu, Cd, Fe, Sn etc trace element in the electrolytic zinc were accurately and quickly measured by using ICP-AES method.
21 The elements last for less than a second and join such familiar neighbors as carbon, gold, tin and zinc.
22 It is the world's top producer of cadmium, gold, indium, iron ore, lime, lead, manganese, mercury, molybdenum, phosphate, salt, tin, tungsten, vanadium and zinc.
23 We know that basic, cheap oral rehydration salts and zinc stop children from dying from diarrhoea, and we recommend that all countries make them accessible.
24 But our surveys show that, at present, ORS is available in less than half of pharmacies and kiosks in African countries and zinc is not available at all in many places.
25 A glacier next to a nearby zinc and lead mine has retreated since the site closed in 1990, exposing an outcrop of metal-rich ore, where drilling will start again soon.
26 ZDDP additive works by getting the zinc to react with the iron of the tappet surface and cam lobe, creating a glassy sacrificial barrier between the two.
27 When a child with diarrhoea becomes dehydrated, rapid treatment is necessary with Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) and zinc supplements.
28 They Do - They contain antioxidants such as Vitamin a, beta-carotene, Vitamin c, Vitamin e, selenium, zinc, copper and manganese, which are also anti-stress nutrients.
29 SUPPLEMENTS are all the rage: evening primrose oil; st John's wort; fish oils; glucosamine; selenium; zinc; iron; molybdenum; probiotics. And don't forget those old standbys, multivitamin tablets.
30 SUPPLEMENTS are all the rage: evening primrose oil; St John's wort; fish oils; glucosamine; selenium; zinc; iron; molybdenum; probiotics.