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No. sentence
1 Let me introduce the Zigzag chair to you.
2 To get to his house, we needed to pass a zigzag path and crossed several zebra crossings.
3 Military vehicles used to zigzag aggressively, spread out across the lanes to prevent cars from overtaking and push unwary drivers onto the kerb.
4 Some species weave designs into their webs, creating zigzag patterns that can either attract prey, like bees, in bright sunlight, or camouflage the net in the shade.
5 All of the 290 rooms seemed to have been gutted by the fire - yesterday only a concrete skeleton with a distinctive zig-zag spine remained.
6 The zigzag pattern means her hair does not even betray the scars - leaving no clue she had the condition at all.
7 Instead of flying straight, planes must zigzag from one ground beacon to the next, and ascend and descend in steps, at each stage obtaining permission from the ground.
8 All shops were shuttered, various objects acted as makeshift roadblocks, including upturned bus shelters, litter bins and bricks making cars zig-zag around them.
9 This amounted to another zigzag from Mr Harper on the issue, which concerns whether officials knew that some of the detainees handed over to their Afghan counterparts might be tortured.
10 Bruce went into a low gear and drove at a terrifying speed, keeping the front wheels astride the crack as he followed its zigzag course.
11 Bruce engaged low gear and drove at a terrifying speed, keeping the front wheels astride the crack as he followed its zig-zag course.
12 He kept the front wheels astride the crack as he followed its zigzag course.
13 If the axis plunges, loop -shaped or zigzag patterns of ridges and valleys result.
14 zigzag lines didn't emerge until 20, 000 years ago and by 13, 000 years ago had disappeared.
15 Use your thumbs to gently guide the floss between your teeth, then move the floss up and down using a zigzag motion.
16 And the mountains are very dangerous zigzag roads and so he or she can only go very slowly.
17 Now Zigzag and friends have shown that it is possible to get around these strict limits by having more than one type of feedback between the systems.
18 he could do to keep his car from going over in the zigzag mountain trails.
19 Their heads bent, their legs just touching, they stride like one eager person through the town, down the asphalt zigzag where the fennel grows wild, and on to the esplanade.
20 zigzag course across the market-place, the child returned to her mother, and communicated what the mariner had said.
21 A zigzag metal roof, also incorporated into the Oppenheimer Park design, now covers the linear markets and ACTS as a unifying design element throughout the District.
22 bridge has low balustrades. The Jiuqu Zigzag bridge on west lake is one of them.
23 Take care when driving on this zigzag mountain road.
24 The lightning bolt is a zigzag.
25 SCR contactor usually used zigzag wave, which linearity is better, but structure is complex and cost is expensive.
26 ZigBee's name illustrates the mesh networking concept because messages from the transmitter zigzag like bees, looking for the best path to the receiver.
27 A line can be straight, curved, vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or zigzag.
28 Urbanised areas appear along the shores of the Black Sea, and highways curve and zigzag across the peninsula.
29 Although this Zigzag Bridge in the whole Linze is that tiny, but if there is no this Zigzag Bridge, Linze will lose one third of the charm.
30 The nearby bathroom is tiled in a zigzag pattern of contrasting colours, and features small wooden shelves with grooves to store toothbrushes and toothpaste.