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No. sentence
1 chances of conserving any resource in these circumstances are approximately zero.
2 number of messages on those queues should be zero, therefore manual intervention by an administrator is required if messages appear there.
3 Besides the interviews, "Rebirth," which had its premiere at the Sundance Film Festival in January, owes something to several cameras scattered near ground zero since 2002 to document rebuilding.
4 With active income, when you stop working your income drops to zero or near zero.
5 If the file begins with a delimiter, the node treats the (zero length) file contents preceding that delimiter as a record and propagates an empty record to the flow.
6 Like any other set, this result can have zero, one, or more members.
7 You have to constantly evaluate the productivity of the team and assess the remaining Backlog to determine if it can be reduced to zero.
8 By the end of the Construction phase, the Backlog should be reduced to zero and the solution should be functionally complete, resulting in an initial release candidate.
9 And perhaps the most fascinating of these synchronized systems are those that show zero lag; that are perfectly synched.
10 Now notice couple interesting things — GetInt Apparently in this program, I don't actually care what it is, I only care that it is greater than zero, so it suffices.
11 then we can replace our concentrations here with, and so if you write equal to zero here, then we can write it as equilibrium right here.
12 The signed division will take more time to execute because it rounds towards zero, while a shift rounds towards minus infinity.
13 Zero contest showed that even old viruses can get by the latest antivirus engines if they are dressed in the right bits.
14 whole point of that paper was that when you're up against the zero lower bound, it doesn't matter how much money you print - not unless you credibly promise higher inflation.
15 They were sent up with early space flights to see how human cells coped with zero gravity and exposed to radiation to test the effects of nuclear weapons.
16 So, the wave function at all of these points in this plane is equal to zero, so therefore, also the wave function squared is going to be equal to zero.
17 Since the 80's, TQM and, quantification method fusion and quality cost, Total Quality Control, reliability project and zero flaw, have formed the more systematic TQM system.
18 While many believed that it was unfair not to give these active users a second chance, others argued that a zero tolerance policy must be the standard.
19 Several people took a gesture of political confrontation on the street akin to "perfor-mance art," but this remains a mere episode, as long as we do not set a "zero tolerance" goal.
20 The Preferred source Pattern assumes that an information source has one or more find operations that return zero or more instances of the entity record, or perhaps a subset of the entity record.
21 If that's not zero, unlike the ideal case, now unlike before, where we just had entropy driving the mixture, now there's an energy of mixing.
22 In a reference counting system, however, neither of the objects can be destroyed, because the reference count never reaches zero.
23 is exceedingly small but the probability of something unusual happening is not zero.
24 Meanwhile, the nodes attribute specifies a query expression that can result in any number (including zero) of nodes.
25 For Britons, who are wont to label any temperature the wrong side of zero "Siberian", the difference between cold and even colder might seem intangible.
26 Stored procedures can return zero or more result sets, each consisting of a set of rows.
27 The 0 is a zero, used to represent the th sound.
28 it stays zero if you vary the temperature.
29 When this property is set to 0 (zero), the connection stays open as long as the application server is running.
30 function in Listing 20 returns a vector of vectors. This is because each document could generate zero to many map entries, and each map entry is represented as a vector.