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zeolites in a sentence

31. These conversions are catalyzed by zeolites as heterogeneous catalysts.

32. Examples include Shilov systems and Fe- and Cu containing zeolites.

33. Zeolites occur naturally but are also produced industrially on a large scale.

34. Associated minerals are other zeolites, prehnite, calcite and quartz.

35. Inorganic materials called zeolites also exhibit ion-exchange properties.

36. and it is one of the six most abundant zeolites and is used commercially.

37. Mordenite is one of the most abundant zeolites in altered volcanic deposits;

38. It is associated with other zeolites such as stilbite and heulandite.

39. Sodium aluminate solutions are intermediates in the production of zeolites.

40. It occurs with zeolites, apophyllite, analcime, calcite, gypsum and pyrite.

41. Activated carbon and zeolites are also frequently added to aquarium filters.

42. TEOS is also used as the silica source for synthesis of some zeolites.

43. Another patent describes the dehydration of methyl lactate over zeolites.

44. The facies is named for zeolites, strongly hydrated tectosilicates.

45. The processed zeolites are mainly brought from the nearby mines of Koghb.

46. Such zeolites have ion-exchange, catalytic and adsorptive properties.

47. Erionite was also reported to be a minor component in some commercial zeolites.

48. The Kurion and Sally systems both utilized zeolites to concentrate cesium.

49. He reported the organosilane-directed synthesis route to the mesoporous zeolites.

50. A synthetic example is found in iron zeolites, which stabilize Alpha-Oxygen.

51. quartz, feldspars, zeolites, and carbonates organic matter is sometimes present.

52. Many experiments have been done to understand the properties of Cu-Y zeolites.

53. His expertise lies in the field of carbohydrate chemistry and zeolites.

54. Zeolites and solid superacids can also be used, as well as ionic liquids.

55. Zeolites are found in several locations in southern and central Idaho.

56. The zeolites here occur in small vugs within the Columbia River Basalt.

57. method is via the adhesion of magnetite onto the zeolites' surface [14].

58. So far, some reports about magnetic zeolites synthesis have been presented.

59. Zeolites, clay minerals, and asbestos are important nonmetallic minerals.

60. Authigenic zeolites are index minerals for the growing band of secondary pores.