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1 When the zeolites can adsorb each component of binary solution, the commonly used index-the Gibbs' excess adsorption-is unsatisfactory to represent the adsorption ability of zeolites.
2 Magnetically modified zeolites offer the advantage of easy separation recovery of powdered zeolites after catalytic runs or environmental remediation by means of an applied magnetic field [6].
3 In addition, Reports about magnetic X zeolites have not been previously reported because of the hard synthesis condition and foreign crystals.
4 method is via the adhesion of magnetite onto the zeolites' surface [14].
5 So far, some reports about magnetic zeolites synthesis have been presented.
6 Zeolites have unique structural, physical and chemical properties that make them valuable materials for many technological, agricultural and environmental applications [1].
7 paper, magnetic zeolites were prepared through hydrosynthesis.
8 In summary, Volume 2 provides the researchers in the field of zeolites and related materials with the indispensable knowledge of the great potential of modern methods for structure analysis.
9 Spontaneous dispersion of oxides and salts to zeolites as a principle and method for modification of zeolites might have extensive applications.
10 Thereby, the correlation between acidic properties and catalytic properties of zeolites has been explored.
11 result of the expansion of micropore in zeolites, the desorption isotherm is different from the adsorption isotherm.
12 paper, the advantages of microreactor compared to large-scale reactors, the preparation and applications of the microreactors fabricated with zeolites and zeolite membranes were reviewed.
13 Part of lattice in rigid zeolites can be slackened by water molecules, the crystal lattice remains unchanged, but its space is increased.
14 The dominant reaction pathways and the effect of reaction temperature and type of zeolites on the yield and selectivity of benzene formed during catalytic cracking of cumene were investigated.
15 review is presented on special routes for zeolites and molecular sieves synthesis.
16 Furthermore, it also provides the important way for calculating and evaluating the absorptivity of natural zeolites.
17 Zeolites; Oil Shale Ash; Hydrothermal treatment.
18 Zeolites application can increase fertilizer use efficiency and nutrient preserving capability of soil.
19 Zeolites, clay minerals, and asbestos are important nonmetallic minerals.
20 Authigenic zeolites are index minerals for the growing band of secondary pores.
21 development of zeolites and its application in petrochemical industry were reviewed. The structure of this kind of molecular sieves were discussed.
22 instant invention relates to a process for removing ethene from biological sources using metal ion exchanged titanium zeolites.
23 The invention also relates to a method of preparing mesostructured zeolites, as well as using them as cracking catalysts for organic compounds and degradation catalysts for polymers.
24 results of IR spectroscopy and N_2 adsorption indicate that these amphiphilic zeolite samples have the similar acidity and a little smaller surface area compared to their parent zeolites.
25 Zeolites are minerals with ion-exchange properties.
26 The device was used to investigate the cracking reaction of n-hexane on zeolites.
27 Studies of the surface acidity of zeolites have been made under conditions close to the reaction conditions by TPD technique.
28 Composites of micro-mesoporous zeolites is a kind of new catalytic material greatly concerned by many such researchers.
29 XRD shows that zeolite without changing in the hybrid materials. The FTIR proves that the grafting reaction can happen between TDI and Si-OH in the surface of the zeolites.
30 framework vibrations of various hydrated and dehydrated cationic forms of zeolites have been investigated.