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1 development of new molecular sieves, engineering development in the manufacture of molecular sieves and combination of zeolite catalysis with separation technology are also discussed.
2 is provided a hydrocarbon adsorbent comprising a zeolite of H-FER structure, or MOR structure having the pore diameter regulated by ion exchange.
3 MOR zeolite was dispersed into poly(ethylene glycol)oligomer to form a stable gel. Its Electrochemical behavior was first detected by a cyclic voltammeter.
4 Molecular Sieve - is a manufactured crystalline version of Zeolite and is a non-hazardous.
5 Zeolite is a superior adsorbent.
6 The result showed that a complete desorption of adsorbed aromatic impurities could be readily achieved under aforementioned optimal conditions and adsorbent 13x zeolite.
7 To meet the needs for study the shape selectivity of zeolite molecular sieves, an approach for estimation of molecular dimensions was developed.
8 Enlightened by the separation principle, researchers started to synthesize magnetic zeolite composites, which show magnetic properties as well as adsorption properties.
9 Quartz mineral resources, iron, zeolite, coal, such as zirconium.
10 The influence factors of synthesizing nanosized zeolite are reviewed.
11 Zeolite is the general term for zeolite-type minerals. Being rack-shaped, it is a water-containing alkali or a type of alkali soil with metallic aluminosilicate mineral.
12 controlling step of the ageing reaction for the directing agent of zeolite L is directional polymerization between aluminosilicate oligomers or between aluminosilicate and silicate oligomers.
13 Zeolite is a kind of aluminosilicate mineral which has excellent adsorption and ion exchange properties. It has a wide range of applications for environmental treatment.
14 It is composed with barite, zeolite, quick lime, gypsum, and cement grog.
15 Conclusion The adsorptive capacity of diatomite, clinoptilolite, silk zeolite, and coal fly ash to DBP degradation dominant bacteria was enhanced after being modified.
16 structural character of zeolite solid acid and zeolite solid-Superstrong acid and their application in esterification reaction systems are presented.
17 In long studies, Fe3O4 powder was found hard uniformly mixing with the zeolite synthesis reactant, which would lead to the impurity and inhomogeneity of the product.
18 paper, the advantages of microreactor compared to large-scale reactors, the preparation and applications of the microreactors fabricated with zeolites and zeolite membranes were reviewed.
19 results of IR spectroscopy and N_2 adsorption indicate that these amphiphilic zeolite samples have the similar acidity and a little smaller surface area compared to their parent zeolites.
20 XRD shows that zeolite without changing in the hybrid materials. The FTIR proves that the grafting reaction can happen between TDI and Si-OH in the surface of the zeolites.
21 The hydrogen transfer reaction on the Y zeolite catalyst mainly takes place between gasoline olefins and naphthenes.
22 Three kinds of light oil were cracked as feedstocks on regenerated zeolite catalysts in a laboratorial fixed fluidized bed reactor.
23 MCM-22 zeolite was synthesized under stirring by hydrothermal method and used as the catalyst for butene oligomerization.
24 The results indicated that the strong acid sites of MCM-22 zeolite benefit the aromatization reaction in opposite to the isomerization process.
25 hydroisomerization and aromatization of 1-hexene over potassium modified MCM-22 zeolite were investigated.
26 The catalytic dehydrogenation of ethylbenzene to styrene in zeolite membrane reactors was studies.
27 It is separated from the xylene mixture by crystallization or zeolite adsorption.
28 It detailedly introduced mechanisms of body odor generation, product forms, and two special deodorants-zinc oxide-cellulose complex and silver-exchanged zeolite.
29 environmental safety effect of nano-sized iron materials including Fe_3O_4, Fe_3O_4-zeolite composite and iron-doped zeolite was studied using a tetrahymena thermophila model.
30 The synergism of zeolite in selfmade intumescent flame retardant(IFR) was studied.