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No. sentence
1 But that is precisely why Dr Learned and Dr Zee like the look of them.
2 So: zee gut must be cleansed.
3 Oh Popeye! You're wonderful! -Ah, Mademoiselle Olive, you have zee date with me.
4 At the funeral for Baby Zee, the wails and screams grew so loud during a final moment of goodbye that ushers closed the church doors to give the family privacy.
5 He gave no further thought to Dee Sub Wun, whose body might be waiting on a galaxy a trillion light-years away, or on the star next to Zee Prime's own.
6 for several years John Learned of the University of Hawaii and Anthony Zee of the University of California, Santa Barbara, have been promulgating what they believe is a better idea.
7 On Christmas Eve, Jesse and Zee moved their family into a small house atop a high hill overlooking St. Joseph.
8 You must zee yourself! 'she cried.
9 While Zee Yang, a J2EE developer agrees with this positive assessment, he looks at Mate from a different Angle. Yang explains.
10 Dr Learned and Dr Zee have come up with a design for a particle accelerator that would do the job a good deal more modestly, using another type of subatomic particle, the pion, as an intermediary.
11 Unhappily, Zee Prime began collecting interstellar hydrogen out of which to build a small star of his own.
12 Michael:Sure, but van der Zee is a fine painter, and he's much better known than I.
13 Pedro: I hate to tell you, but I heard through a friend of a friend that Leo van der Zee is entering the competition.
14 Phyllis Zee, MD, senior author and director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Northwestern Medicine, says the study is important because it is relevant to "a huge proportion of the population."
15 is essential that we identify behavioral ways to improve sleep," Zee says.
16 Zee Prime knew of only one man whose thoughts had penetrated within sensing distance of Universal ac, and he reported only a shining globe, two feet across, difficult to see.
17 Zuider Zee dam in Holland is an example.
18 Zee Prime was consumed with curiosity to see this Galaxy and he called out: 'Universal AC! On which Galaxy did mankind originate?'
19 Over time names sometimes shifted or were added, as in double U for W ("double V" in French), the English name for Y, and American zee for Z. Comparing names in English and French gives a clear reflection of the Great Vowel Shift: A, B, C and D are pronounced /eɪ, biː, siː, diː/ in today's English, but in contemporary French they are /a, be, se, de/. The French names (from which the English names are derived) preserve the qualities of the English vowels from before the Great Vowel Shift.
20 In 2014 Zee News reported that Bruce Riedel, a former CIA analyst and National Security Council official for South Asia, accused the Pakistan military intelligence and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) of organising and assisting Al-Qaeda to organise in India, that Pakistan ought to be warned that it will be placed on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism, and wrote that "Zawahiri made the tape in his hideout in Pakistan, no doubt, and many Indians suspect the ISI is helping to protect him".
21 Generally, the absent zee-rhyme is not missed, although some children use a zee pronunciation in the rhyme which they would not use elsewhere.
22 The International Indian Film Academy Awards (begun in 2000) and the Zee Cine Awards, begun in 1998, are held abroad in a different country each year.
23 MBC Bollywood and Zee Aflam show Hindi movies and serials.
24 North of here, at the Kraft Foods technical center, the Tappan Zee Bridge becomes visible.
25 Other major employers in Des Moines include UnityPoint Health, Mercy Medical Center, MidAmerican Energy Company, CDS Global, UPS, Firestone Agricultural Tire Company, EDS, Drake University, Titan Tire, The Des Moines Register, Anderson Erickson, Dee Zee and EMCO.
26 Modern scholars of the Migration Period are in agreement that the Frankish identity emerged at the first half of the 3rd century out of various earlier, smaller Germanic groups, including the Salii, Sicambri, Chamavi, Bructeri, Chatti, Chattuarii, Ampsivarii, Tencteri, Ubii, Batavi and the Tungri, who inhabited the lower and middle Rhine valley between the Zuyder Zee and the river Lahn and extended eastwards as far as the Weser, but were the most densely settled around the IJssel and between the Lippe and the Sieg.
27 Electronic media channels include, MTV, 9XM, Star Group, SET Max, News Time, NDTV 24x7 and Zee Group.
28 The growth in the number of satellite channels was triggered by corporate business houses such as Star TV group and Zee TV. Initially restricted to music and entertainment channels, viewership grew, giving rise to several channels in regional languages, especially Hindi.
29 Polgár had another disappointing result later in the month in the category XVIII tournament in Corus Wijk aan Zee which was won by Kasparov.
30 In January 2008 she competed in the strong Corus Wijk aan Zee tournament, scoring a respectable 6/13 and tied 9–11 in the 14 player tournament.