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No. sentence
1 Zed, a housekeeper in my apartment complex, said God was angry at sinners around the world, but especially in Haiti.
2 Just then, voices sounded in the next cavern over: "Zed, hold it higher."
3 BFF have analysed the potential offered by ZED products for 'one planet living 'within the UK.
4 His two friends had names that began with a "zed", which I couldn't pronounce properly.
5 Learn Python the Hard Way is a beginner's programming book written by Zed Shaw. It was written for Python 2.6.
6 Zed said the quake had fortified her faith, and that she understood it as divine retribution.
7 It made a lot of people sad. It made me especially sad because this didn't feel like the same Zed that I had dinner with in Chicago or that I had talked to so many times before.
8 I actually thought he might be in real trouble and in need of real help, but was assured by third party that he wasn't (Zed never replied to my emails after publishing).
9 We have spent several years developing and refining the ZED model and the tools that help give clients the sustainable, holistic scheme they desire.
10 The ZED products supply chain more or less follows these principles.
11 I believe the fix appeared some time in 2006. So even when Zed published his implosion at the end of 2007, this was already ancient history.
12 Clive George, The Truth about Trade: The Real Impact of Liberalization, Zed Books (2010) Brantley liddle.
13 To achieve these goals, a ZED USES a combination of thermal mass and building techniques to prevent heat loss.
14 ZED structure is designed for a 120 year of longer.
15 Above A view of the south elevation of a ZED quarter, which uses ZED in a Box standard house types (unit type 01& 03 shown here).
16 ZED products offer a design service and a range of green roof habitats most suited to the ecology of a particular site.
17 An arrow whiz (z) zed past.
18 ZED approach allows space for community facilities such as a doctor's surgery, a nursery school and sport's hall and pitch, which can all be accommodated on a relatively small site.
19 The diagram below is a cross-section of a typical dwelling in a ZED.
20 Using ZED products allows more efficient construction.
21 ZED product B makes use of the heavyweight properties of concretes providing thermal mass to act as a heat sink for solar gain from the south facing windows.
22 Windows to the east , west and north of a ZED scheme are all triple glazed units with low e coating to the highest specification commercially available. ( x' P' I.
23 Considering the deformation of short cylindrical tank under the horizontal earthquake action, the shear effect is the main factor, therefore, it might be anal zed by shear beam deformation theory.
24 The failure and maintenance of VRLA battery are ana ly zed from daily work, and then correct use methods and maintenance methods of VRL A are given.
25 by explaining the principles behind Zero fossil Energy Development, and by providing a 'ZED Toolkit' comprising the 'tools', methods and example case studies used to build ZEDs.
26 the two exceptions were Y and Z, which were borrowed from the Greek alphabet rather than Etruscan, and were known as Y Graeca "Greek Y" (pronounced I Graeca "Greek I") and zeta (from Greek)—this discrepancy was inherited by many European languages, as in the term zed for Z in all forms of English other than American English.
27 Variants of the song exist to accommodate the zed pronunciation.
28 One variation shortens the second line and lengthens the last, to form a near-rhyme between N and zed: Another alternative zed version: A French-language version of the song is also taught in Canada, with generally no alterations to the melody except in the final line that requires adjustment to accommodate the two-syllable pronunciation of the French y. Because the English language has 40 sounds and only 26 letters, children and beginning readers also need to learn the different sounds (phonemes) associated with each letter.
29 They were given consistent radio support by Sydney-based non-commercial rock station Double Jay (2JJ) and Brisbane-based independent community station Triple Zed (4ZZZ), two of the first rock stations outside America to play their recordings.
30 In his diaries of Zed, a young boy, he wrote: "I have fallen in love with Zed [...] the whole situation is an impossible one.