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No. sentence
1 makes Zig Zag standard manicure special and professional?
2 teenage Obama also left a self-composed photograph titled Still Life, featuring a turntable, a beer bottle, a basketball figure, a matchbook and a packet of Zig Zag cigarette papers.
3 of the failed defensive strategies, though, often times players zig when they're instructed to zag.
4 Zag quickly devised new packaging and got it into stores overnight.
5 the team that gets a Zag brand to market, there is another cash bonus — or, even better in these tough times, a job.
6 Zag launched in 2006, headed up by former Unilever executive Neil Munn, and its first U.K. brands are launching just in time to bolster the agency's growth.
7 Similar with prostatic and mammary cancer, the expression of ZAG elevated in gastrointestinal cancer patients, and had a further enhancement in patients with cachexia.
8 main function of ZAG gene is to enable the decomposition of fat, and reduced fat content.
9 Have a look Zig Zag is Clothes Store.
10 analyze the correlation of ZAG in different tissues and body fluids, and to infer the principle source of ZAG.
11 ZAG expression showed significant relevance with gastrointestinal cancer and cachexia.
12 Her first television interview as President-elect was on the RTÉ children's television show The Den with Ray D'Arcy, Zig and Zag and Dustin the Turkey.
13 For example, Diakonoff lists evidence for two l-sounds, two r-sounds, two h-sounds, and two g-sounds (excluding the velar nasal), and assumes a phonemic difference between consonants that are dropped word-finally (such as the g in zag > za3) and consonants that remain (such as the g in lag).
14 In 1918 he established the ZAG living through his philosophy of Deutsche Gemeinwirtschaft a collective economic community.
15 As part of RTÉ 2's redevelopment in 1988 as Network 2, most of RTÉ's young people's programming moved from RTÉ One to Network 2. Dempsey's Den was hosted by Ian, Zig, Zag and Zuppy.
16 Simon Cowell, who before this was known largely as a creator of novelty records with television characters such as the puppets Zig and Zag and action characters Power Rangers, then came to the attention of the media for his ability to create hit records.