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No. sentence
1 Z: Well, the first bank that was partially owned and controlled by a state government was established in Venice in 1587.
2 Therefore, each point should be prefixed with the control character L. The third control character Z closes a path, which is needed for (multi-)polygons.
3 It is telling us that the ground state in lithium would be Z squared.
4 6 highly trained contortionists and photographer John Kane, 58, went through the motions from A to Z in 4 days.(See photo)
5 RUP for System z provides practitioners with an end-to-end lifecycle that is easy to implement on z, because it is succinct and is illustrated with numerous examples.
6 Limitations: method Z can not be selected as consolidation method for parents or legal units.
7 The theory’s vindication would come only with a glimpse of W and Z bosons—particles which, it posited, carried the weak force, just as photons carried the electromagnetic one.
8 The SSLPEER field allows 256 characters on z/OS platforms and 1024 characters on distributed platforms.
9 If so, a Plan Z for this particular scenario would help us make the most of the opportunity.
10 The rules cannot invoke service Z because that service is not referenced by the business rule group.
11 When a table holds a Z lock, no concurrent application can read or update data in that table.
12 Notice Z Method is listed and it shows no consolidation.
13 If Server Z is performing poorly, that obviously affects all of its NFS clients.
14 I play ZAPS, with the Z doubled, and she gets a static shock off the air conditioning unit.
15 Generation Z is the most disruptive generation in modern history.
16 To Generation Z, platform and production value are irrelevant. They judge each product and piece of content on its own merits.
17 He was the University of Z?
18 E300 must handle Z companies, as it handles any company when the structure changes.
19 It was clear God sent you, Mr. A, as he sends Mr. X, Mrs. Y, Miss Z, and they provide the material means we need for our work.
20 Your computer now crashes randomly, and program Z doesn’t work at all.
21 Companies that expect Generation Z to be loyal based on a carefully crafted brand image and marketing message will find that their effort is wasted.
22 If you can write, you can share, and Generation Z is all about sharing.
23 rules might be of the form: If borrower has income above X, debt less than Y, and a credit score above Z, the borrower qualifies for a given loan amount.
24 have the same Z, the same proton number, but different A, which means number of neutrons varies.
25 Ready or not, Generation Z is here, and they are the future.
26 Note that there is a postfix "Z" for the DOB of the customer, which means the same time zone as Coordinated Universal Time (UTC).
27 This example Z Method for consolidation has been assigned to Group 1200 and the purchased Method to Group 1300.
28 remember Z equals three.
29 letters adapt and get selected for their suitability to English; rarely is there an attack of the "Q" or "Z" letters.
30 You can see that each ring in the multi-polygon is transformed to a single sub-path in SVG, started with the m control character and terminated with Z to close the ring.