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No. sentence
1 Unpaid work should require offenders to work at a proper pace in a disciplined manner rather than youths just hanging around doing odd bits tidying up derelict sites.
2 Competition among youths to enter the best colleges is intense.
3 Police also said they have arrested around 200 youths who were said to be engaged in military training in Kenya's west.
4 The youths are angry not just because of this month’s election results.
5 While touring Uttar Pradesh this month, his car was battered by angry youths.
6 number of unruly youths ganged up and terrorized the district.
7 Many youths can only get through by borrowing money, and it means they have to earn more money when they graduate.
8 Many of its members are disillusioned youths, unemployed and living in poverty, according to security experts.
9 Over time, the gap between rulers and ruled and between rich and poor, as well as between older Egyptians and a teeming mass of disillusioned youths, has widened inexorably.
10 then there is Saudi Arabia itself (see article). The kingdom has many of the characteristics that have fuelled unrest elsewhere, including an army of disillusioned youths.
11 In addition to the scores of cars burned and shops ransacked by radical youths, the damage in Athens extends to Banks.
12 People commended unto Zarathustra a wise man, as one who could discourse well about sleep and virtue: greatly was he honoured and rewarded for it, and all the youths sat before his chair.
13 They are mostly spirited but untrained youths but they have now apparently been stiffened by "commando" units of military veterans organised by colonels who defected from the army.
14 Police officials have not yet commented on who may be behind the threats or why the youths had been targeted.
15 The youths were not assigned mentors, but were allowed to choose a mentor from the community.
16 Shelton stared at the youth's hand.
17 The youths jostled (against) an old lady on the pavement.
18 When he stopped and talked with the youths, a couple came up and said excitedly that they are Wen's fans.
19 local news media uncovered a macabre network that lured unemployed urban youths to the countryside with promises of jobs, only to kill them and pass them off as dead rebels.
20 He theorizes that people join terrorist organizations worldwide in order to be part of a community, much like the reason inner-city youths join gangs in the United States.
21 Usually we think of this kind of thing being used by middle-class youths and intellectuals,” Professor Yang said.
22 They also question the government's commitment to the scheme overall; the amnesty has been dogged by delays, which have reportedly led some youths to return to the creeks.
23 You'll find the youths 'department in the next aisle.
24 At least one person was killed in protests by jobless and ill-paid youths in Sohar, a port city in hitherto peaceful Oman.
25 20 truncheon-wielding Roma youths beat up six young white men outside a disco.
26 The Yunnan Youth Development Foundation built a volunteer station on the downtown square on Friday, inviting youths in the city to help the victims.
27 Garden will be waited on by immortal youths, as beautiful as scattered pearls.
28 We know virtually nothing, for instance, about how youths who are already prone to violent behavior, such as those exposed to violence at home and in their neighborhoods, use these games.
29 We can train black youths, we can move their families to better neighborhoods, etc., but changing their way of thinking is not so easy.
30 A shop manager in central Maidstone praises the force for getting a grip on troublesome youths; a bar worker reckons it has improved the night-time scene.