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youthful happiness in a sentence

1. The sculptors had a clear idea of what a young man is, and embodied the archaic smile of good manners, the firm and springy step, the balance of the body, dignity, and youthful happiness.

2. The purpose of the order (as stated in the Nordisk familjebok article on the society from 1924) was to work "for the ennobling of youthful happiness in the academic life".

3. At the same time, she released her first very famous, special edition MTV 蜕变1 (Transformation1) series or 少女的心情故事1 (alias The Story of a Young Girl's Mood-1) together with 校园青春乐 (Youthful Happiness life in School), of school songs and 款款柔情甜歌集 (Collection of Sweet Love Songs), of oldies sung with 凌一惠 (Ling Yi Hui).