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No. sentence
1 he remains a true radical, whose vision of paring government to the bone excites a youthful following.
2 youthful 'Busby Babes' team also reached the FA Cup final and European Cup semi-final and further glories beckoned, but fate was to intervene in tragic fashion.
3 Except at the most youthful of fashion and dot-com companies, casual Fridays never really caught on in Japan.
4 He seems never to lose his youthful vigour.
5 In their youthful, angry, but idealistic way they are unclear how to do this, but this does not mean that their opinions don't count.
6 We wear eyeliner and mascara to make our eyes pop, foundation to cover up fine lines and blemishes, and blush to give our cheeks a youthful glow.
7 The youthful learners who desired to perfect their education studied hard.
8 supply of youthful workers shrinks, wages should rise and push up the rate of inflation and the cost of capital.
9 on the West Side, like Kitsilano, are popular because they are near the beach, close to downtown and have a funky, youthful character.
10 We had so many advantages: a large and youthful population full of energy and ideas and talent.
11 But because of its youthful corporate culture-most people are hustled out of the door in their mid-40s-it had no one to send.
12 Most of the youthful spectators, who had waited since before dawn to hear the American President, were too young to remember the cold war or the Prague Spring of 1968.
13 They Shared an uncommon blend of natural talent, youthful zeal and friendship that raised their ability beyond what any of them might have accomplished had they never met.
14 Isabella was dead; and he wrote to bid me get mourning for his daughter, and arrange a room, and other accommodations, for his youthful nephew.
15 America is usually regarded as the home of raw capitalism, with youthful managers hopping from firm to firm and pushing their way to the top.
16 You get close and come out unscathed every time, your face as youthful and as untroubled as before.
17 Humiliation and mental oppression by ignorant and selfish teachers wreak havoc in the youthful mind that can never be undone and often exert a baleful influence in later life.
18 The hope that the quest for green solutions will attract new and youthful talent, once lured by financial services, to manufacturing is a fair one.
19 Many of us have forgotten what it's like to have the youthful energy we once enjoyed. Remember what it felt like as a kid?
20 slim, boyish, youthful figure was their ideal of beauty, and paintings and statues were erected in its honour. Poems were written about the love that prominent older men had for young men.
21 In free space, such heat could come only from a star-in this case, presumably, the youthful sun.
22 He was once young but never youthful.
23 Huckabee told reporters that his party will work to attract youthful voters because they represent the future of the party and the country.
24 He added that youthful thinkers tend to exercise their bodies and brains more, boosting physical and psychological health.
25 youthful dynamism of America, and now of China and India, seems to be leaving the decrepit old continent in the shade.
26 To them, he symbolized something very different: a youthful challenger who was crushed by a reactionary status quo. His arrest, they said, was a warning to all of them not to rock the boat.
27 Some people feel pressured by their spouse to remain youthful or become more -attractive.
28 In America prospects for the "multi-family apartment" rented sector are helped by the "echo-boomers", a youthful bulge in the population.
29 Lovely flowers already became a timeless print and they add a vibrant and youthful flair.
30 One might have taken him for a white-haired old man but for his extremely youthful face.