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No. sentence
1 his youth his father bound him out to a tailor.
2 In my youth my father bound me to a blacksmith.
3 What has happened to the youth of this generation, which has set it so far apart from the rest?
4 Implement policies and programmes that do not target youth in isolation.
5 The book is a way to "fish money from the pockets of the angry youth and angry elderly," wrote one critic in the China youth Daily.
6 Although not unlike Holden Caulfield's lonesome voice in J.D. Salinger's "the Catcher in the Rye", Mr Hou's narrative is a more brutal depiction of the spiritual vacuum of Taiwanese youth.
7 The scene awakened reminiscence of my youth.
8 think of snow but I think of my youth.
9 But our own home was a dark drive away and, careening tipsily back past midnight with the insouciance of youth, we never stayed in the hotel.
10 Their youth, inexperience or limited abilities can present you with significant management challenges - as well as a great opportunity to teach them important job and life skills.
11 his hard nose protruding like a ship's prow, and his hands leathered from a youth spent piloting his cut-price ferry into Manhattan, he took to business as if it were war.
12 classical music detentions at West Park School are only the latest experiment in using and abusing some of humanity's greatest cultural achievements to reprimand youth.
13 Fill your mind with the truths of God and radiate the sunshine of his love-this is youth.
14 It was the halcyon years of my youth, seventh grade to be exact, and she was beautiful, smart, and, best of all, she laughed at my clumsy teenage boy jokes.
15 classical fairy tales of Greece, myrtle's evergreen leaves, elegant and beautiful white flowers and their charming fragrance are seen as symbols of beauty and youth.
16 You have forgotten that evening at the California Theatre," was what this devoted youth said.
17 The youth stepped forward, and acknowledged himself: she kissed him fervently, and they gazed with wonder at the change time had wrought in the appearance of each.
18 She regretted her lost youth.
19 our sons in their youth will be like well-nurtured plants, and our daughters will be like pillars carved to adorn a palace.
20 Among Chinese youth in metropolitan citys like Beijing and Shanghai, a nascent group called" Pake "is thriving."
21 The photograph brought his memories of youth.
22 She desired the love of the handsome youth.
23 Yes, there is: this sun, this sea, my heart leaping with youth, the salt taste of my body and this vast landscape in which tenderness and glory merge in blue and yellow.
24 his half brother steadying him, he began to tread the sandy footpaths of his youth, this time wearing a pair of $135 Air Jordans.
25 The boss is besotted by her youth and beauty.
26 But along with the five campuses operated by YES (Youth Engaged in Service), with a very similar philosophy, it is an important part of it.
27 Finnish youth, like their U.S. counterparts, also waste hours online. They dye their hair, love sarcasm and listen to rap and heavy metal.
28 I hope that I will be able to convey a strong message to the authorities, to political organizations and to youth that it's time to provide incentives to young researchers to work on HIV.
29 An advertisement for Miracle- Ear hearing aids shows a picture of a spaced-out youth, coiffured for Woodstock. “Back then you chose not to listen, ” says the caption.
30 This is the English translation because the poem is in Latin: because you loved the blush of modesty and a stainless youth and because you did not taste the delight of the marriage-bed, lo!