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No. sentence
1 Nicolas Flamel is a well-known alchemist, but a good example of pseudepigraphy, the practice of giving your works the name of someone else, usually more famous.
2 18 But someone will say, “You have faith and I have works.” Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.
3 In an interview , Denis Dutton asked Borges who were the “…philosophers who have influenced your works, in whom you’ve been the most interested….” In reply, Borges named Berkeley and Schopenhauer.
4 I am simply the tradesman who sells your works of art".
5 On March 25, 1864, Forrest's cavalry raided the town of Paducah, Kentucky in the Battle of Paducah, during which Forrest demanded the surrender of U.S. Colonel Stephen G. Hicks: "if I have to storm your works, you may expect no quarter."
6 The title of Nirvana's debut album Bleach was inspired by a harm reduction poster aimed at heroin injection users, which stated "Bleach your works [e.g., syringe and needle] before you get stoned".
7 During the recording of the talk show, Vidal and Mailer insulted each other, over what Vidal had written about him, prompting Mailer to say, "I've had to smell your works from time to time".
8 But rather you disgraced them, and for that reason your works will be multiplied for good and profitable ends.
9 The poster advised heroin addicts to bleach their needles before use, featuring the slogan "Bleach Your Works".
10 I also palsied at you several times with my bayonet when you were as near as I could have wished, and after several of us had taken possession of your works.' ' You are a brave fellow,' said Colonel Prescott, ' come into my tent and I will treat you.' " " While on the retreat from the scene of conflict Colonel Prescott came to a house on Charlestown street, near the ' neck,' where were three or four men who had just prepared a bowl of punch, and which they presented to Colonel Prescott before having tasted it. This, to a man suffering with fatigue and parched with thirst, was a most gratifying and acceptable offering.
11 I propose to move immediately upon your works."
12 his friend Bocaiúva concluded: "Your works are meant to be read and not played."
13 At the end of his eulogy, he said: But with your loss, oh Karl Heinrich Ulrichs, the fame of your works and your virtue will not likewise disappear... but rather, as long as intelligence, virtue, learning, insight, poetry and science are cultivated on this earth and survive the weakness of our bodies, as long as the noble prominence of genius and knowledge are rewarded, we and those who come after us will shed tears and scatter flowers on your venerated grave.
14 I propose to move immediately upon your works."