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your dear mother in a sentence

1. You killed him, o Phoebus, while still a baby, still leaping in the arms of your dear mother, and you entered the holy shrine, and sat on the golden tripod, on your truthful throne distributing prophecies from the gods to mortals.

2. In a letter she wrote much later to her niece, Helma, on the occasion of the latter's engagement she said: 'May yours (with your dear Mother beside you), have a very different ending.

3. In a letter to his son George Henry on 4 April 1919, Richard described the pain of losing his wife: "... my dear boy it dose (sic) not seem like cumminge (sic) home since your dear mother as gonne (sic) I do fell (sic) lonley (sic) without her but I know she is better off she has gonne (sic) to be with Blessed Jesus wheras (sic) I hope we shall all meet her up their wear (sic) all is joy and peace and my dear girl.