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your check in a sentence

1. After thirty minutes of watching Agassi play, Bollettieri, deeply impressed by his talent, called Mike and said: "Take your check back.

2. Ace, according to Wertheim, returned the check with a note: "Your check got lots of laughs.

3. He was told by coach Hap Day to simply "stay with your check and keep him from scoring."

4. You write me, using the enclosed envelope, that, if and when I get my other twenty-three men, you will send President Hutchins your check for $1,000.

5. After the vote, McCarthy asked his constituents to "Come February, check your check, because that will be the pay raise of the vote for Donald Trump."

6. When new home owners would complain to realtors about smoke backing into their houses from the fireplaces, and the developers would then complain to Kelly, he would reply, "I'll take care of it when your check clears."

7. The check digit (as calculated above) for this sequence is 4. Once you have calculated your check digit, simply map each character in the string to be encoded using the table above as a reference to get the binary map of the bar code;

8. Even at the end of November 2008, amid a general market collapse, the same fund reported that it was up 5.6%, while the same year-to-date total return on the S&P 500-stock index had been negative 38%. An unnamed investor remarked, "The returns were just amazing and we trusted this guy for decades — if you wanted to take money out, you always got your check in a few days.

9. Finally, divide the number by 10 and the remainder is your check digit (this is known as a modulo 10 calculation).

10. Continue eating and don't ask for your check.

11. Including the Bricklin on its list of "The 20 Dumbest Cars of All Time", Autoblog wrote, "Memo to the world: When an automobile executive starts a new car company and proposes to name the car after himself, run like a stag in the opposite direction, lock your check book and credit cards in a safe and ask your best friend to keep the combination away from you no matter how much you beg for it. This scenario never turns out well."

12. The whole group then sing "Time for Your Check Up," before Doc says that she is diagnosing Lambie with the "rippies."

13. Prepayment with cash your check or money order is accepted.

14. You can't get any of the plum assignments, as they just languish on his desk unassigned, and when your check is late three weeks, he can't intervene to help you get paid.

15. Havin others pay your check is worth showing off, paying your own is worth proud of.

16. This can be as simple as going to your check book or accounting system and analyzing your receipts and disbursements over the past few months.