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youngest in a sentence

121. and the youngest Antiochus XII.

122. However, the youngest son knew.

123. America's youngest label chief.

124. He was the youngest son of Col.

125. He is the youngest in the band.

126. The comic's youngest character.

127. He is the youngest of the four.

128. and Torri Knight, the youngest.

129. He was the youngest son of Rev.

130. Oldest Player. Youngest Player.

131. the youngest of three children.

132. In fact, Paul was the youngest.

133. The youngest were 10 years old.

134. the youngest in B.C.'s history.

135. The youngest of eight children;

136. Leaves from oldest to youngest.

137. Ellis, at 14, was the youngest.

138. He was the youngest son of Rev.

139. Oldest and youngest competitors

140. the youngest of three siblings.

141. He was the youngest among them.

142. The youngest boy of the family.

143. The youngest player goes first.

144. It is also one of the youngest.

145. Kim was the youngest recipient.

146. Oldest and youngest competitors

147. Thomas is the youngest of five.

148. He was the youngest candidate.

149. the youngest of four siblings.

150. She dotes on her youngest son.