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youngest in a sentence

91. The youngest of three sisters.

92. Her youngest son, Sam, is gay.

93. Andrew was the youngest child.

94. Kobe Bryant was the youngest).

95. She is the youngest GranSazer.

96. Patora is the youngest sister;

97. He is now the eighth-youngest.

98. The youngest nuns are sixteen.

99. Finally, the youngest set out.

100. and Herzi, the youngest child.

101. the youngest of four children.

102. His youngest brother was John.

103. The youngest winner is Rogers;

104. The youngest of four brothers.

105. He is the youngest of 3 boys.

106. Romek was the youngest victim.

107. and Khephio, the youngest son.

108. The youngest was born in 1961.

109. His youngest brother was Col.

110. Morotada was the youngest son.

111. He is its youngest recipient.

112. Su was the youngest performer.

113. Kennedy was the youngest son;

114. His youngest brother, Lt.-Gen.

115. Do Choong's youngest daughter.

116. he was the youngest ever PWO.

117. the youngest married an Earl.

118. Oldest to youngest rocks are.

119. Bartlett's youngest son, Rev.

120. He dotes on his youngest son.