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No. sentence
1 The tourists who flood into Rome's forum, Florence's Uffizi gallery or st Mark's Square in Venice might be surprised to learn that Italy is one of the youngest countries in Europe.
2 hoped that the family will lend the painting to Auckland Castle later this year, so Jacob's youngest son can, at least temporarily, rejoin his brothers.
3 She is the youngest of us three.
4 two older sisters deliver flowery speeches of filial adoration, but the youngest says only "I love you as meat loves salt.
5 she traveled to Europe with her youngest son and lived for a time in Germany and England.
6 But the study does at least solidify that there is quite a bit of iPad interest out there among the youngest tech users, something that bodes well for the device's adoption.
7 We were twelve brothers, sons of one father. One is no more, and the youngest is now with our father in Canaan.
8 In short, everything succeeded so well that the youngest daughter began to think the master of the house not to have a beard so very blue, and that he was a mighty civil gentleman.
9 Shayne is the youngest son of a very large family and is also a twin! He has 3 brothers, Mark 29, Martin 28 and Michael 27, and 3 sisters, Lisa 24, his twin Emma 20 and Leona 16.
10 My unsentimental, overworked father? Leaning back in his recliner, his burdens chased away by tears of joy at hearing his youngest child play his favorite song.
11 But two of the youngest soon grew tired, and both returned to town; two little girls sat down, and twined garlands, so.
12 somewhat unexpectedly brought him three sons, so that between Angel, the youngest, and his father the vicar there seemed to be almost a missing generation.
13 Ironically, these youngest children were actually the most scientific of the bunch, perhaps because they interpreted "invisible" to mean simply "not present in the room" rather than "transparent."
14 I had bitten the youngest of my master's sons in the leg, because he kicked away the bone I was gnawing.
15 The source of this idea is not only Sigmund Freud but his youngest daughter Anna.
16 Sayako is the youngest child of Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko and the last of their three children to wed.
17 If elected, he will become the youngest President in Russian history.
18 We be twelve brethren, sons of our father; one is not, and the youngest is this day with our father in the land of Canaan.
19 David was clearly relishing the chance to hang out with his youngest child as he has been in France for the last few months playing with Paris Saint-Germain.
20 In spite of his hoary hair and beard he was as young as the youngest of us, his venerable exterior serving only as a white mantle for keeping his youth perpetually fresh.
21 SIR KENNETH CLARK, a British art historian and the youngest ever director of the National Gallery, once described Samuel Palmer as the English Vincent van Gogh.
22 Omar Bongo was one of Africa's youngest leaders when he took power at the age of 31 after the death of Gabon's first president, Leon M'ba.
23 I don't believe I want to play any more," said the youngest, a black-haired beauty, turned supercilious by fortune, as she pushed a euchre hand away from her.
24 youngest once demurred when someone offered him another box on his birthday; "I already have a present," he said.
25 explains: "We are looking at deposits of calcium carbonates, from the oldest samples to the youngest, over a period of 300,000 years."
26 coach Andre Villas-Boas becomes the youngest man - at 33 - to win a Uefa club competition.
27 bean", as his family called him, the tough, poor youngest son, had risen past all of them without it.
28 This would make the object in SN 1979c the youngest and brightest example of such a "pulsar wind nebula" and the youngest known neutron star.
29 A 30-year-old object believed to be the youngest black hole ever seen, is a remnant of SN 1979c, a supernova in the galaxy M100, shown here, approximately 50 million light-years from Earth.
30 The 31-year-old remains of supernova SN 1979c make up the youngest known black hole.