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1 Prior to the Republican convention, the Lincoln campaign began cultivating a nationwide youth organization, the Wide Awakes, which it used to generate popular support throughout the country to spearhead voter registration drives, thinking that new voters and young voters tended to embrace new parties.
2 2JJ presenter, and the first female DJ on Australian pop radio, Gayle Austin, who was completing a Master of Arts(MA) on triple j's first 16 years in 2005, explained that 2JJ staff had also heard of other motivations for the founding of the station: Word was the Whitlam government wanted to set the station up to woo young voters.
3 A post-2012 post-mortem report by the Republican Party concluded that the party needed to do more on the national level to attract votes from minorities and young voters.
4 In addition, he organized significant numbers of young voters and became a symbol of the rise of the Baby Boomer generation to political power.
5 In the 1960s, new parties appeared, which were mostly popular with young voters, who felt less bound to the pillars.
6 In his speech, Costner stated the need for young voters to get to the polls, early and with enthusiasm.
7 In addition, despite the hype surrounding the political engagement and possible record turnout among young voters, millennials' voting power is even weaker than first appeared due to the comparatively higher number of them who are non-citizens (12%, as of 2019), according to William Frey of the Brookings Institution.
8 In particular, while Trump supporters were markedly enthusiastic about their chosen candidate, the number of young voters identifying with the GOP has not increased.
9 This is despite the fact that almost two thirds of young voters disapproved of the performance of Republican President Donald J. Trump.
10 A YouGov poll conducted in the spring of 2018 revealed that 58% of Britons between the ages of 25 and 49 thought that immigration to their country was 'too high', compared to 41% of those aged 18 to 24. Despite reports of a surge in turnouts among young voters in the 2015 and 2017 United Kingdom general elections, statistical scrutiny by the British Elections Study revealed that the margin of error was too large to determine whether or not there was a significant increase or decrease in the number of young participants.
11 In both cases, turnouts among those aged 18 to 24 was between 40% and 50%. Winning the support of young people does not necessarily translate to increasing young voters' turnouts, and positive reactions on social media may not lead to success at the ballot box.
12 In addition, higher turnouts generally came from constituencies where there were already large proportions of young people, both toddlers and young adults, and such surges did not necessarily come from young voters.
13 During the 2010 midterm elections, a political ad parody supporting John Hall's opponent, Nan Hayworth, promoted the fictitious organization "Young Voters for an Orleans Reunion Tour" as a means of voting Hall from Congress.
14 In 1992, she helped found Rock the Vote, a non-profit organization that encourages voter turnout among young voters.
15 Overall, a new generation of young voters, and the sudden influx of women over thirty, meant that vast numbers of new voters of unknown voter affiliation existed, changing dramatically the make-up of the Irish electorate.
16 Another study done after the election gave a lot of insight on young voters.
17 The Republican Party in particular was criticized for not adequately using social media and other means to reach young voters.
18 He had previously criticised young voters who had been unable to register to vote in the EU referendum because the government website crashed on the last day of registration, saying they should 'pay the price for their own tardiness'. Liddell-Grainger blamed the police for his licence delay, criticising their "utter incompetence".
19 His political activity includes participating in the 2007 Rock the Vote Ireland campaign, targeting young voters for the general election, and campaigning for the rights of the homeless with the organisation Focus Ireland.
20 Addressed by Paxman as "Mr Rascal" at one point, he said he felt that hip-hop played an important part in encouraging young voters and humorously suggested that he could well one day become Prime Minister.
21 Another 2019 study in Social Science Quarterly found that online voter registration increased voter turnout, in particular for young voters.
22 He had a strong following among young voters in the Philippines due to his efforts to promote honesty and good governance.
23 Royal's eldest son, Thomas Hollande, served as an adviser to her during her presidential candidacy, working on a website designed to appeal to young voters.