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No. sentence
1 Young people are quickly influenced by new ideas.
2 Don't allow evil thoughts to poison young people's minds.
3 Do you value the elderly and young people equally?
4 Young people are swiftly losing cursive, using it only to sign their names or write the odd cheque.
5 many young people, an unlimited downloading service bundled with an ISP subscription would fit the bill.
6 The old type of family party is played out, young people demand something more exciting nowadays.
7 I am troubled by the tendency of some-often young people newly infatuated with Reformed doctrine-who insist that God cannot possibly love those who never repent and believe.
8 like me, I prefer talking to young people, because they are forming their minds, they are developing, and he had a method of how to educate them.
9 So I decided to write a script calling for all people, especially young people, to show more filial piety to their parents.
10 Young people always keep abreast of The Times.
11 This week sees the publication of a new anthology aiming to encourage young people to get interested in - and angry at - corruption in its many forms and guises.
12 evening, walk over to Shibuya, another district popular with young people.
13 But, it warns this progress could be set back if measures are not taken to reverse the rise in obesity among young people.
14 As I look across the horizon at the faces of the young people around me, I weep.
15 JUST as magpies adorn their nests with shiny trinkets, young people seeking to burnish their credentials love to scour league tables to spot the world's brightest universities.
16 Among the findings: Young people swear more than older people, and older people talk about other people more than just themselves.
17 More tourism within the region may help ease some of the misgivings. Culture also plays a role: many young people in Asia were brought up on Japan’s J-pop music scene and manga comics.
18 The debt that young people carry today is often not from college, the MacArthur research finds, but from the cost of not investing in college.
19 Applause.) Together, they represent the great potential and expectations of young people around the world.
20 University tutors are dismayed that so many young people aren't sufficiently prepared by schools to qualify for the most challenging courses.
21 They were responding to a plea from Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith’s to ‘give our young people a chance, and not fall back on labour from abroad’.
22 Young people, nicknamed the "Coupon Generation" for their penchant to clip coupons, are obsessed with e-retailers such as Taobao and 360buy.
23 He asked people to gather round and then he started shooting, so these young people fled into the bushes and woods and some even swam off the island to get to safety.
24 But for these young people, the real milestone would be to find something to do next.
25 Above all, we see that progress in all of you — young people with a young century to shape as you see fit.
26 A lot of the young people recognised themselves in that cycle. They had the shock, the numbness, the anger - wanting someone, anyone to be punished," he says.
27 In those days talented young people were too often ploughed under.
28 the meantime the wicked stepmother, who had caused these two young people such misery, supposed that the sister had been devoured by wild beasts, and that the fawn had been hunted to death.
29 Think about it: these same young people, aged as young as 10, who have been carrying bats, setting shops alight, stealing and beating people up, are also sitting in our classrooms.
30 A number of targeted interventions have proved to be effective in addressing these risk factors and reducing road traffic injuries among young people.