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1 The quality of research for early intensive behavioral intervention (EIBI)—a treatment procedure incorporating over thirty hours per week of the structured type of ABA that is carried out with very young children—is currently low, and more vigorous research designs with larger sample sizes are needed.
2 Similarly, a teacher-implemented intervention that utilizes a more naturalistic form of ABA combined with a developmental social pragmatic approach has been found to be beneficial in improving social-communication skills in young children, although there is less evidence in its treatment of global symptoms.
3 The Agatha Christie Trust For Children was established in 1969, and shortly after Christie's death a charitable memorial fund was set up to "help two causes that she favoured: old people and young children".
4 According to a later account of Aeschylus's life, as they walked on stage in the first performance of the Eumenides, the chorus of Furies were so frightening in appearance that they caused young children to faint, patriarchs to urinate, and pregnant women to go into labour.
5 a popular meal, especially among young children, is spaghetti containing slices of hot dogs.
6 for truth must be common to all", Wollstonecraft contends that society will degenerate without educated women, particularly because mothers are the primary educators of young children.
7 Young children having ingested acute overdoses of amoxicillin manifested lethargy, vomiting, and renal dysfunction.
8 Barbara Bucknall stated that "Le Guin was not writing for young children when she wrote these fantasies, nor yet for adults.
9 Also in 2009, Toriyama drew a manga titled Delicious Island's Mr. U for Anjō's Rural Society Project, a nonprofit environmental organization that teaches the importance of agriculture and nature to young children.
10 Better nutrition among the two most vulnerable groups, young children and pregnant women, prepares them to be able to respond better in times when food security is compromised, such as in droughts.
11 The word book comes from Old English bōc, which in turn comes from the Germanic root *bōk-, cognate to 'beech'. In Slavic languages like Russian, Bulgarian, Macedonian буква bukva—'letter' is cognate with 'beech'. In Russian, Serbian and Macedonian, the word букварь (bukvar') or буквар (bukvar) refers to a primary school textbook that helps young children master the techniques of reading and writing.
12 Brain abscess is usually associated with congenital heart disease in young children.
13 The Baptism of young children is to be retained in the Church.
14 Children were hit the hardest because many diseases, such as typhus and congenital syphilis, target the immune system, leaving young children without a fighting chance.
15 With most hotel rooms booked, residents, including young children and the elderly, were forced to fend for themselves.
16 In Orthodox Judaism, this procedure is usually done by adoptive parents for adopted boys who are being converted as part of the adoption or by families with young children converting together.
17 The 1916 "Food For Young Children" became the first USDA guide to give specific dietary guidelines.
18 In 2015 a university level course aiming to encourage and support practitioners working with young children to introduce the Cornish language into their settings was launched.
19 The course is not a Cornish language course, but students will be assessed on their ability to use the Cornish language constructively in their work with young children.
20 A non-accredited specialist Cornish language course has been developed to run alongside the level 4 course for those who prefer tutor support to learn the language or develop their skills further for use with young children.
21 In young children a condition known as gray baby syndrome may occur which results in a swollen stomach and low blood pressure.
22 There are concerns that fluoroquinolones including ciprofloxacin can affect cartilage in young children.
23 These stories found popularity not only among young children but adults as well.
24 test, one of tests 2 or 3, one of tests 4, 5, 6, or 7, one of tests 8 or 9, one of tests 10, 11, 12, or 13 and one of tests 14 or 15. Because the Ishihara color test contains only numerals, it may not be useful in diagnosing young children, who have not yet learned to use numbers.
25 Crocheting can help young children with fine motor skills (such as handwriting).
26 Learning to crochet in a literary setting encourages young children to stay focused, multitask better, and be more excited about school.
27 And because young children are incapable of exercising the right to self-determination, parents ought to do this on their behalf.
28 Studies indicate "soda and sweetened drinks are the main source of calories in [the] American diet", so most nutritionists advise that Coca-Cola and other soft drinks can be harmful if consumed excessively, particularly to young children whose soft drink consumption competes with, rather than complements, a balanced diet.
29 A 2004 study found that while in general artificial trees pose little health risk from lead contamination, there do exist "worst-case scenarios" where major health risks to young children exist.
30 In Northern Ireland the Criminal Justice Act 2003, effective 18 April 2005, makes certain "qualifying offence" (including murder, rape, kidnapping, specified sexual acts with young children, specified drug offences, defined acts of terrorism, as well as in certain cases attempts or conspiracies to commit the foregoing) subject to retrial after acquittal (including acquittals obtained before passage of the Act) if there is a finding by the Court of Appeal that there is "new and compelling evidence."