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No. sentence
1 I stand by the bed where a young woman lies, her face postoperative, her mouth twisted in palsy, clownish.
2 Then he took prune buds from healthy prune trees and grafted them onto the young almond trees.
3 The builders ploughed in a lot of young trees when they cleared this area for development.
4 The world champion was dethroned in the third round of the match by a young challenger.
5 The young boxer has copped the prize of the first round.
6 The lady of the house had no difficulty in partnering off her beautiful daughter for the evening with a smart young man.
7 His dad taught him since a young age, so he knows how to build a house, he can wire up any office, he can build a computer from nothing, and fix a car.
8 I can see that his new responsibilities are pressing down on the young father.
9 when she learned that the young man was sweet on her.
10 campaign, under the slogan 'Let them dangle,' highlights the practice of castrating young pigs without anesthesia.
11 You trained Charlie Sheen for his role as Chris, the young solider in Platoon, so you worked closely with him.
12 has left many Maasai destitute, with young men now converging in the towns to hustle tanzanite, a semiprecious local stone, or to seek poor-paying jobs as night guards.
13 All the villagers, men and women, old and young, took part in the battle against the drought.
14 Seahorses are among the only animal species on Earth in which the male bears the unborn young, a unique trait in these fish that inhabit tropical and temperate coastal waters worldwide.
15 Mr William challenged the young man to a duel.
16 Young people are quickly influenced by new ideas.
17 It is easy to instill the minds of young children with fixed ideas.
18 But early signs-the bravery of the young, or the refusal of the Egyptian army to turn on the people-suggest this story could have a hopeful ending, he thinks.
19 Don't allow evil thoughts to poison young people's minds.
20 Do you value the elderly and young people equally?
21 The young woman went to the end of the porch, where an elderly patient was sitting in her wheelchair, alone, head bowed, her back to most of the others.
22 Fresh produce can sometimes cause serious and even fatal infections particularly in young children, frail or elderly people, and others with weakened immune systems.
23 Earlier today, the Auckland Museum cut open a young great white shark that had been mistakenly caught by local fishermen.
24 They have retrained a number of young technicians for our factory.
25 And you may well understand what they are saying, because enlightenment disciplines are still young and connected enough for a generalist to grasp.
26 I have watched proud young Americans take their last breath, still believing they were right and just in the actions leading to an untimely, yet honorable death.
27 Tsai has three young children, but his days are spent with his players, with potential donors and at the construction site where a new county stadium is being built.
28 The young couple was betrothed with the approval of both families.
29 He has grown into a young man of twenty-two.
30 This is a question much controverted between the old and the young.