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No. sentence
1 He saw you and I.
2 Those men took you away from me . . . and they hurt you.
3 The coat sits well on you.
4 The world exists, whether you like it or not.
5 You have your choice between the two.
6 That depends on how you tackle the problem.
7 Apple says all phones have this problem - yeah, they have that problem after you fix the problem with touching the antenna.
8 You only live once, you only get one bite at the apple, I suggest you go after your dreams.
9 What have you learned from the design of Apple products?
10 Have you noticed that most of the security practitioners you meet or work with have already switched to Apple?
11 If you can use a word correctly and effectively, you comprehend it.
12 You should slow up a bit and have a rest.
13 you mind backing off a bit, Sir, while we clear this wreck out of the way?
14 still a bit left. Can you eat some more?
15 But tell me, dear reader, what do you make of this? I'm all for a bit of insouciance with a greenwash, but would it go with the rug?
16 For example, suppose you do some bit manipulation in an integer variable and expect it to be of size 4: This may not be the case on all operating system platforms (see Listing 7).
17 You get an extra bit for free.
18 And let me tell you a little bit about alpha.
19 A little bit like some of you perhaps.
20 I have something to talk with you.
21 Do what I tell you.
22 I hauled around to go with you.
23 Do as I bid you.
24 I think as you do.
25 I have ordered for you.
26 On one point I differ from you.
27 I prefer you not to overrun on this next time.
28 When you hear the word "yoga," do you think of a person with his legs twisted up like a pretzel?
29 You can easily fake up an excuse to avoid going out with him.
30 You can hive off some of the work to us if necessary.