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No. sentence
1 An incredible series of photographs show the entire process of an egg developing from a yolk to a chick.
2 If you have dry skin that needs moisturizing, separate the egg and beat the yolk.
3 a spoon of cold water before the coagulation of frying egg yolk. It will reserve its tenderness and color.
4 Stir in molasses and egg yolk.
5 Because the percentage of fat is contained within the egg yolk you can easily eliminate the yolk from any eggs you are preparing if you're watching your waistline or cholesterol.
6 The yolk contains all the fat and approximately half of the protein of the egg.
7 one egg, and pour an ounce of olive oil over the yolk. Mix.
8 I roughed up the egg yolk and cream and mixed in some of the hot sauce before putting the lot back into the pan.
9 The label specified that it had no mayonnaise but the ingredients list revealed that it contained egg yolk, oil and white wine vinegar--which are all used to make mayonnaise.
10 It was much too easy, but I knew if I let the sauce boil the yolk was gonna scramble.
11 Evidently the curious colleague moved in for a closer look just as the egg exploded and splattered hot yolk all over his amazed face.
12 Discard the yolk or a portion of it if you're trying to lower your fat intake, as the yolk is almost 100% lipid.
13 Many cultures consider unusual eggs--misshapen, empty, yolkless, shell-less, or ones with the yolk and white merged--to be laid not by hens but by roosters.
14 Thetraditional prairie oyster (raw egg, yolk unbroken, plus tomato juice,Worcestershire sauce and salt) was created as a hangover cure.
15 If you like the yolk of salted eggs, you can insert one in the centre.
16 yolk" isfloated in a cocktail of vodka, spices, celery salt and Tabasco, toppedwith a Worcestershire sauce foam and served in an oyster shell.
17 The research report pointed that such a protein accelerated the growth of the eggshell and the shell played a crucial role in the protection of the frangible yolk and liquid.
18 That's because there's a misguided belief that the cholesterol in eggs (found in the yolk) raises the cholesterol levels in your body and puts your ticker at risk.
19 landed on a pile of firewood where the yellow yolk burst into flames.
20 If the yolk turns greenish-gray, the iron in it has reacted with the sulfur in the egg white.
21 Researchers say that, if present, the se is usually in the yolk or "yellow." However, they can't rule out the bacteria being in egg whites.
22 Salmonella tends to pool in the membrane around an egg's yolk, Keener added. So if you have a sunny-side-up habit, you should probably give it up.
23 The yolk, though very high in cholesterol, is also high in choline, which is a very important building block of brain cells.
24 Add the egg yolk and the almond oil and mix well.
25 The only way to cheat fate is to share the yolk of an egg with this relative while standing on opposite sides of a stream.
26 I could have brought the groceries home and washed off the egg yolk, but, instead, I'd just left them there.
27 Varieties include almond cookies with whole walnuts, with egg yolk, even with shredded pork jerky. And speaking of jerky, the store was handing out free samples of that too.
28 Salmonella tends to pool in the membrane around an egg's yolk, Keener added.
29 there are others: Northern-Chinese-style mooncakes are round in shape and contain no egg yolk.
30 Therefore, examinees need to pay attention and select food products that contains high level of calcium such as milk, yogurt, dried small shrimps and egg yolk, which has stabilizing effects.