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No. sentence
1 sovereign wealth fund hasn't netted great returns so far, yielding more criticism at home than praise.
2 The third production team's high - yielding land abuts on the high-way.
3 As the brine dries, the salts are precipitated off gradually, yielding a more pure brine that is essentially lithium and salt.
4 During his sixth year on the throne, the Nile swelled from rains, inundating the valleys and yielding a spectacular harvest of grain without sweeping away any villages.
5 On the positive side, long struggles against many diseases are yielding results.
6 Most modern non-64-bit systems have the ability to create an address space of 36 bits, yielding 64 GB of addressable memory.
7 You also encapsulate the teams so that the discussions can be restricted to those aspects of the encapsulated components that are externally visible, yielding the optimal amount of communication.
8 structured investment vehicles) issue cheap, short - term debt to fund investments in longer - term and higher - yielding securities.
9 In the Treasury market, where inflation erodes the value of the interest payments over time, the 10-year bond is yielding just 2.761%.
10 They believe in unity rather than yielding.
11 Because this situation is possible, doing spin loops and yielding is not advisable for any threads executing within a real-time JVM.
12 If, as many economists forecast, the Bank of England cuts short-term rates to 2%, British savers could be tempted by the allure of government bonds yielding 3-4%.
13 dispatched thread with an RT priority is allowed to execute until it blocks, voluntarily relinquishes control by yielding, or is preempted by a thread with a higher RT priority.
14 A firm that owned only government bonds yielding 5% would have a cost of capital of just 5% even if entirely equity-financed.
15 Then a model is created, that can later be applied to records for which the target value is not yet known, yielding a prediction and a confidence value for this prediction.
16 performance impacts of memory overcommitment could be reduced if a similar guest-driven protocol existed for yielding memory resources.
17 Will the Chinese, with a domestic inflation rate of 8.5%, really want to hold bonds yielding 4% in a currency they expect to depreciate against the yuan?
18 There are several search engines, accessed from different user interfaces, over different sets of data, yielding several different sets of results.
19 still be worth holding Treasury bonds yielding around 4% as a hedge against a sharp economic downturn.
20 process addresses are still limited to 32 bits, yielding address Spaces for individual processes in differing areas of memory.
21 With bonds yielding 4-5% and equities returning perhaps 3% on top, composite future returns of 6% or so looked inadequate.
22 The yield on Standard & Poor's 500-stock index is 3.6%, and stocks of many solid companies are yielding 5% or more. That's especially significant given how low interest rates are.
23 Old age brought a mild repositioning, but no repentance, and no yielding on the subject of race.
24 He had an aversion to yielding so completely to his feelings, choosing rather to absent himself; and eating once in twenty-four hours seemed sufficient sustenance for him.
25 With its bonds yielding between 1-2%, the downside risk of a bearish bet has been limited while the upside potential has looked huge.
26 Yet in the run-up to the presidential election, Mr Breton is keen to avoid the impression of yielding to pressure for more cash from Suez's private investors.
27 If you use a query operator that materializes its source before yielding the first item, you will not retain a small memory footprint.
28 You must be yielding, forbearing, kind, tenderhearted, pitiful, courteous, ever keeping fresh the little courtesies of life, the tender acts, the tender, cheerful, encouraging words.
29 The researchers found that the polarization was a strong function of the length of the DNA strands – with 80 base-pair-long strands giving 60% polarization but 25 base pairs only yielding about 10%.
30 Dandelions are regarded as weeds for a reason-they are robust, fast-growing plants that can be pulled up for processing and resown easily, possibly yielding two harvests a year.