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yield in a sentence

121. and both yield an n-bit output block.

122. and the crop will not yield the seed.

123. Two singles were released from Yield.

124. and the crop will not yield the seed;

125. He refused to yield and was executed.

126. All other tests had a kiloton yield.

127. The oil yield is about 400 l/hectare.

128. In this way an 80% yield is obtained.

129. Cuttings yield unpredictable results.

130. The test resulted in half the yield.

131. It had a design yield of 10 kilotons.

132. It has a yield of 5 or 150 kilotons.

133. Characteristics: high yield of beef;

134. Where weavers fought and wadna yield;

135. Design yield was 6-8 megatons of TNT.

136. The TN81 has a yield of 300 kilotons.

137. Both forms will yield the same value.

138. The search did not yield any results.

139. It is also known as cash flow yield.

140. Drive on Humboldt, we'll never yield!

141. Begin right turn lane yield to bikes.

142. Sign 206Stop. Yield the right-of-way.

143. One flower may yield several fruits.

144. One flower may yield several fruits.

145. he had no other option but to yield.

146. More than 95% yield can be achieved.

147. We shall never yield to a conqueror.

148. Another factor is the yield per egg.

149. I yield my flickering torch to thee.

150. All Phaser bank maximum yield, fire!