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No. sentence
1 You yield your rights, expectations, dreams, plans, and ambitions to him.
2 Bumiputra perks yield a stream of uncontested, negotiated contracts and other forms of patronage to UMNO politicians.
3 The yield of rice will rise to 700 kilograms per mu.
4 He has ridiculed the notion that an official inquiry into the vote might yield a different result.
5 But this process often fails to yield the kind of results we want.
6 sash was stuck, however, and would not yield, so he sat down dejectedly and began pulling at his collar.
7 The research made a use of the earthworm with a competition of natural fertilizer to study the influence of the two treatments to the ammonia yield in livestock excrement.
8 Proudly step into my orchard, my queen, sit there in the shade, pluck the ripe fruits from their stems, and let them yield, to the utmost, their burden of sweetness at your lips.
9 There are many outstanding 3 months bills as well as 30 year bonds, but only one specific one will be picked to be reflected on the yield curve.
10 Fragments of pottery and broken clay pipe have already been retrieved from a muddy hole on the site, which they claim could yield some of the most significant discoveries about Shakespeare in decades.
11 For one thing, the requirements as stated in our SOW were essentially a set of decomposed specifications that didn't lead to a clear breakdown of the work or even yield many architectural clues.
12 The study says that small doses of oral sucrose do not reduce the pain which a baby feels when its heel is pricked to yield a blood sample or it has a drip put in to receive antibiotics.
13 The Caspian holds a great amount of sturgeon, which yield eggs that are processed into caviar.
14 Some of us start out slow, but acceleration can yield some surprising results when it comes to predators and prey, or basically anyone involved in a chase.
15 So plants could be packed tighter, doubling yield per acre, and multiple layers of dwarf crops could be grown per floor.
16 But no matter how much we maximize crop yield per acre, the limiting factor for food production is land.
17 Cranberry bogs consume lots of space in the marshland. According to statistics, yearly output yield of cranberries is something around 600 kilos per hectare.
18 According to statistics, yearly output yield of cranberries is something around 600 kilos per hectare.
19 potato's value lies in its high yield and its almost perfect balance of nutrients.
20 We shall never yield to a conqueror.
21 Another factor is the yield per egg.
22 In summer, its steep mountainsides shimmer with wildflowers, and glacial rivers irrigate small valley farm fields and orchards, which yield generous crops of peas, potatoes, apples and plums.
23 Instead of high yield, however, they got water and air pollution.
24 He hopes the climate change-busting diets could also improve profits for farmers as it's believed the new feeds could also improve beef production and boost milk yield.
25 In effect, pensions are a debt like any other, and should be discounted with a bond yield.
26 Being able to fluidize includes the kinetics of the deposition of the gas, in our case silane, which is important for yield, because unconverted silane lowers your granular poly yield.
27 mass of DMO in the transesterification course inhibited the disproportionation which has a small equilibrium constant. As a result, selectivity and yield of DPO were low.
28 is the per mu yield of grain here?
29 If shares in a company, say General Electric, stayed above a given level, investors received a high yield; if the shares dropped below that level, they ended up owning the stock.
30 The uncomfortable truth is this: central Banks, as monopoly producers of base money, have the capacity to enforce any yield level they wish to see in credit markets.