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yesterday in a sentence

91. The next single, "Yesterday &

92. I)" and "Holdin' on to Yesterday".

93. Y'all should have left yesterday."

94. Yesterday Once More may refer to:

95. "Yesterday" is a song by Shanice.

96. Niko: That was yesterday, Friday.

97. she was still yesterday’s news.

98. That Was Yesterday may refer to:

99. He was at a table read yesterday.

100. A New Day Yesterday may refer to:

101. Yesterday. Intima. Pair of lovers.

102. But he can't remember yesterday.

103. I didn't take the test yesterday.

104. Goodbye to Yesterday may refer to:

105. Yesterday's Hero is a 1979 film.

106. We also lost one yesterday—Corp.

107. She enrolled in college yesterday.

108. I bought a new kettle yesterday.

109. We had the funeral only yesterday.

110. I visited my old school yesterday.

111. you on the phone to me yesterday?

112. Yes, I faxed it to you yesterday.

113. What did you eat yesterday, Danny?

114. I bought a pillowcase yesterday.

115. What did Aunt Ethel do yesterday?

116. Eileen: We had an exam yesterday.

117. He went to Changzhou yesterday.

118. Yesterday, dey go there oreddy .

119. What did NKE close at yesterday?

120. Tom sullenly fell ill yesterday.