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No. sentence
1 I saw a beggar Wolf down a piece of bread in the street yesterday.
2 Just yesterday, I saw some lovely red blossoms along the roadside.
3 I need that file you took yesterday.
4 They were weeding under the scorching sun at this time yesterday.
5 I saw them running together along the road yesterday.
6 Yesterday I asked Nancy Duarte a few questions about working with Al Gore. Here's what she said.
7 He could not have seen me yesterday, because I wasn't there.
8 The company was knocked off yesterday.
9 You can't swallow the promise of financial allocation that you made yesterday.
10 It is said that the victorious general waited upon the king yesterday.
11 Last night, the Swedish rock band, Yesterday, gave a concert in Kunming.
12 I bought a car yesterday. The car is very expensive.
13 There were three nails on the left wall, on which hung his clothes yesterday.
14 The vase which was stolen yesterday stands on his desk.
15 Mother bought a new schoolbag for me yesterday.
16 Obama, who a fortnight ago called on Bush and the Congress to help carmakers, sided yesterday with congressional leaders. "We cannot just write a blank cheque to the auto industry, " he said.
17 The post office centralizing the town celebrated its 20th anniversary yesterday.
18 Yesterday she was (dressed) in jeans.
19 Yesterday I saw a beautiful skirt in a shop.
20 The Browns went to the cinema yesterday.
21 My father planked the floor yesterday.
22 The young salesgirl rowed fiercely with the manager yesterday morning.
23 LuHong high pressure boiler tube website information reported: yesterday rebar sharply peatlands ing uplink, hit a record high, the biggest motivation still from cost boost.
24 Yesterday, was a sad but brilliant day for Lily.
25 She died yesterday and is with you in heaven.
26 I saw him disobeyhis mother yesterday, so I forced him to read a book about filial piety.
27 My refrigerator suddenly started kicking up yesterday.
28 Their vegetable cellar caved suddenly yesterday.
29 euro tumbled to a 10-month low against the dollar yesterday after a credit downgrade for Portugal and uncertainty over an aid package for Greece undermined the currency.
30 The defendant appeared at the juvenile court yesterday.