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No. sentence
1 Or on his own instinctive cries, like a gulp of surprise at the sight of falling water or a yelp of effort caused by smashing a rock into a skull.
2 The ones most familiar to those in Britain and America are probably Craigslist and Yelp (which reviews restaurants and hair salons and the like).
3 Complimented, my eye. She kissed me on my pure brow," and my darling emitted that new yelp of merriment which, perhaps in connection with her theatrical mannerisms, she had lately begun to affect."
4 So there are too many review sites (Yelp, Insider Pages, Riffs, Judy’s Book). And too many Q&A sites (Yahoo Answers, Live.com Q&A, Yedda, Answerbag, Askville, etc.).
5 Of course, the mainstays are there: Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Yelp, Amazon, IMDb, Pandora, Pixlepipe, Skype, WeatherBug, etc.
6 You can now go to Yelp to find out what your Facebook friends say about the new coffeehouse down the street, visit Spotify to let them pick music playlists for you, or play Zynga games with them.
7 I wait on the sidewalk for Raj to arrive, Ilaunch the Yelp app to look up the address of Alborz.
8 It’s also smart enough to be able to understand commands like “map Chicago Comics” and “yelp Tapas near SF” and give you rich previews and search results to get you where you want to be quickly.
9 From far away drifted a faint, sharp yelp, followed by a chorus of similar sharp yelps.
10 Before Elevation Partners invested in Facebook, it had already cut what is now called a “DST deal” with Yelp, a fast-growing user-review site for local businesses.
11 To find such places, don't ask the concierge for advice, but chat up a local storeowner, rental car clerk or hotel maid, or visit social review websites such as Chowhound or Yelp.
12 It will then connect to dining and restaurant reservation applications, like Yelp and OpenTable, and movie reservation applications like Fandango.
13 Many new shipyards are thought to have closed in China without so much as a yelp.
14 User generated content destinations ranging from Wikipedia to Youtube, digg, slashdot, reddit, yelp, and polyvore provide the collective wisdom on entertainment, news, reviews and recommendations.
15 If you use a Yelp mobile app for checkins, you'll be able to push those checkins to Facebook Places, as well.
16 At least one stone hits home, eliciting a yelp of alarm from the dog before it makes its escape up the rough rocky mountainside.
17 If they tried, it would seem likely that Yelp could accrue similar deals, and their review and rating functionality could actually tip the scales in their favor.
18 57, let out a yelp as she hurried out into the street.
19 Ahh… jeez!” I yelp. “That's the witch lady's yard! You're going to go get that!”
20 But Otterbacher, who is examining reviews from IMDb, Amazon, and Yelp, worries that such a policy could discourage many people from taking part.
21 Here's how three businesses are dealing with their Yelp complainers.
22 Benchmark is responsible for early stage funding of some very successful startups such as eBay, Linden Labs, Yelp and Zillow.
23 You can write a draft review, but you have to visit the Yelp website to post it.
24 original incarnation of Fwix, launched almost exactly a year ago, focused more on aggregating content from sites like Craigslist and Yelp instead of on local news.
25 On Yelp, another location-based app, nearby destinations are also rated by users, and you can choose the most popular gallery or bar or restaurant closest to where you are standing.
26 If you want an internship at Yelp, Everyblock, or with a small-business start-up, go ahead and propose your own projects.
27 Yelp generates revenue in part by letting those businesses advertise on the site.
28 The popular recommendation service Yelp, for example, is already integrated into Google Maps.
29 However, the truth remains that Yelp is a very powerful guide for tourists and locals alike to find great restaurants and business wherever they might be.
30 I now use Yelp as a directory to find all sorts of things.