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1 Cranberry bogs consume lots of space in the marshland. According to statistics, yearly output yield of cranberries is something around 600 kilos per hectare.
2 According to statistics, yearly output yield of cranberries is something around 600 kilos per hectare.
3 yearly output of coal was quartered in a year.
4 Property values appreciated yearly.
5 Influenza epidemics occur yearly during autumn and winter in temperate regions.
6 We all know that the efficiency of all types of machines is increasing yearly.
7 They breed twice yearly.
8 Most of the apps we found charge a monthly or yearly fee. We do not.
9 Laptops are refreshed yearly, cell phones even more frequently, and with a life cycle that short, where's the incentive to build something to last?
10 Today, however, the regional climate is hyperarid -- little to no yearly precipitation -- leading to an almost total lack of vegetation.
11 On the prevention side, we have new WHO treatment guidelines that offer the first real prospect of reducing the yearly number of new infections.
12 teeth whitened yearly.
13 you reporting on yearly, quarterly, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, or even up to the second data?
14 If that's not enough to make you quit, use the Cost of Smoking calculator to see the monthly and yearly toll your deadly habit is wreaking on your finances.
15 We track revenue, cost, and gross profit metrics against monthly, quarterly and yearly targets and show them side by side with the carbon footprint data.
16 When the developers gave a demonstration of the new user interface at Lotusphere (a yearly user group meeting), they received a standing ovation from the crowd of customers.
17 And when asked what books I'd read I proudly recited the school's yearly reading list.
18 Yearly rains from the highlands of Angola take an 800-kilometer journey downstream, finally reaching Botswana's Okavango Delta three months later.
19 Therefore, they need the stopover habitat—the shallows, the sandbars, the security, the corn and invertebrates—to complete their arduous yearly cycle.
20 Proponents are enthusiastic about the cheap, green energy; critics worry about the loss of natural beauty and the yearly filleting of thousands of songbirds and ducks.
21 EMS has been shunted yearly increase rate is only 2% and market share has been dropped continuously. But international company, DHL, increase rate is above 30%.
22 At one stage an unprotected person at the main gate would have received the maximum allowable yearly dose for a nuclear-industry worker in a matter of hours.
23 advances in GM crops over the past decade, world crop yields have risen at about half the yearly rate since 1990 as they did during the two previous decades of the Green Revolution.
24 After leaving office in 2001, Clinton reaped millions yearly from book royalties and lecture fees; he probably has never been richer than he is now.
25 The writers group presents the yearly Edgar Awards to honor the best detective and suspense books, movies and TV shows.
26 Then, let us develop together a marketing plan with yearly forecasts of volume with pricing.
27 Residents of the region witness dozens of auroras yearly; those in the Point Barrow area farther north see as many as a hundred.
28 The details are still being debated, but the deal would involve a yearly quota of whale catches and would require whaling vessels to have international observers on board.
29 Some studies indicate that 300 000 to 500 000 cases of Lassa fever and 5000 deaths occur yearly across West Africa.
30 There would be yearly summits at 17 or 17-plus—the euro zone plus any others that choose to join.