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No. sentence
1 because we already know that is the right X and y, so why not take the correct combination here and see what happened.
2 In this equation, Y represents the average cost of different quantities (X) of units.
3 In the end we haggled with a cab driver who dropped us there for 10Y.
4 Amelogenin (AML) gene locates on the conservative region of the bovine X and Y chromosomes.
5 their astonishment, they found that one out of every twelve Asian men in regions once part of the Mongol empire carry a form of the y.
6 their astonishment, they found that one out of every twelve Asian men in regions once part of the Mongol empire carry a form of the Y chromosome that can be traced to Mongolia a thousand years ago.
7 can enable this new feature be setting the DB2_MDC_ROLLOUT registry variable to YES (though 1, y, or ON will work too - but we recommend using the documented setting).
8 CNTs) grown directly on graphite substrate are fabricated firstly using electrodeposited iron particles by chemical vapor deposition. Most of CNTs have "y" junction structure.
9 The memory state of each byte of memory is represented by one of these letters R, Y, G, or B. These letters correspond to the colors red, yellow, green, and blue, respectively.
10 project board expected the project to be complete within a reasonable timeframe for X, whereas the project needed the time to complete Y.
11 Recovery and identification of Y. pestis culture from a patient sample is optimum for confirmation.
12 Lee has also been charged with transferring control to his 40-year-old son and heir, Jay Y. Lee, by arranging for Samsung affiliates to sell shares to the younger Mr Lee at artificially low prices.
13 Leong, M. W. , & Ma, Y. (2008). A study on the internationalization and localization for Macau tourism education. Science Press, Beijing, China.
14 Labels like Web 3.0, business driven architecture, and user centricity where empowerment of the end-user is a great subtle shift in this direction - or as Yahoo puts it - it's about y! Ou.
15 Y ou are unique, nothing can replace YOU.
16 You might group them for purposes of convenience -- for instance, all the threads in a thread pool belong to group X, while those in another pool belong to group Y -- or for access control.
17 attributes in alphabetical order of their QNames (for example, "a3" then "y: a1" then "y: a2").
18 The legend in each chart clearly shows which Y axis is to be used.
19 We've set up the chart with a title, a descriptive subtitle, X and Y labels, placed the chart legend at the bottom, and labeled the two data sets.
20 It was clear God sent you, Mr. A, as he sends Mr. X, Mrs. Y, Miss Z, and they provide the material means we need for our work.
21 rules might be of the form: If borrower has income above X, debt less than Y, and a credit score above Z, the borrower qualifies for a given loan amount.
22 The example application is really not concerned with the accuracy of the sensors, but rather the current X, Y, and Z values of the sensors.
23 We recently ran down a list of reasons why Gen Y is different from the rest of us.
24 surprising is that users age 73 and up use the Internet just as frequently for doing health searches as does Gen y.
25 During the investigations, 10 strains of Y. pestis were isolated from humans, rodents and domestic cats.
26 Transform.postTranslate(float tx, float ty, float tz): Moves the 3D object by adding the given values to the x, y, and z coordinates.
27 details of the larger message sizes can be seen on this same chart, plotted on the second Y axis (see graph legend).
28 VertexArray takes the number of vertices (eight), the number of components per vertex (x, y, z), and the size of each component (one byte).
29 You can redo the most recent undo operation by pressing Ctrl + y.
30 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute said yes, and within weeks, he was en route to Troy, n. Y., from Tehran.