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No. sentence
1 He wrote down every word the teacher said.
2 On his second evening in its damp, unfinished rooms, he wrote his wife, "Before I end my letter, I pray Heaven to bestow the best of Blessings on this House and all that shall hereafter inhabit it."
3 jubilant Peary wrote in his diary: "The Pole at last!"
4 The book is a way to "fish money from the pockets of the angry youth and angry elderly," wrote one critic in the China youth Daily.
5 Suzanne: one of our mutual friends mentioned to me, 'Did you hear the wonderful poem that Leonard wrote for you' or about you and I said no, because I had been away traveling and I wasn't aware of it.
6 I wrote the numbers 1 to 12 down the page, one on each line. Then I wrote an answer on each line next to the number.
7 Freud wrote next to nothing about deception; even the 1500-page Encyclopedia of Psychology, published in 1984, mentions lies only in a brief entry on detecting them.
8 advocate hatred toward so many people who supported you?" wrote Tsai.
9 He wrote a book on citizen media when almost no one had heard of the idea.
10 The waiter smiled as he wrote down our order.
11 At this time he received a letter from his wife who besought him to see her, wrote of her unhappiness on his account, and her desire to devote her whole life to him.
12 He asked for her phone number, and she wrote it down on the front of his notebook.
13 She wrote in some examples in her paper.
14 He wrote that he would be late.
15 boil on my right arm rankled whenever I wrote.
16 This trade is a product of the way Chinese universities and research institutions use rates of publication as a measure of performance and eligibility for promotion or graduation, wrote Shen.
17 She wrote down his address, thanked him and drove away.
18 After the exercises they wrote down all the places where different people gathered, plus the names of people who everyone talked to, such as hairdressers and bartenders.
19 They advocated a secret ballot of their number to resolve it: "Strong supporters of the prime minister should have no difficulty in backing this approach," they innocently wrote.
20 The modeling of methane hydrate is frankly in its infancy," but it seems "robust to conclude" that mankind could "melt a significant fraction of the methane hydrates in the ocean," they wrote.
21 I remembered that I firstly wrote my resume, I didnt know how to write and I didnt know what can I write about my ability.
22 One trader wrote on 10 March 2006: "I don't know how we dispose of the slops and I don't imply we would dump them, but for sure, there must be some way to pay someone to take them."
23 His big book is an expansion of the little book he wrote before.
24 This fellow wrote: I should be very ashamed were I to fall and people have to help me and realize that I could see only very little.
25 During these years of suffering and while in distressed circumstances he wrote most of his works.
26 Everything we’ve got, ” wrote Paul Adams at Popular Science, “Internet servers, telephone backbones, the microprocessor in the keyboard I’m using to type this — emanates from Ritchie’s work.”
27 He cited a newspaper article recounting that there are now 32 closed-circuit cameras within 200 yards of the London flat in which George Orwell wrote his book "1984".
28 But, as he wrote in 1969, he was not so sanguine inside.
29 He wrote prolifically both in Ireland and England, nearly constantly shuttling from one to the other.
30 I now have almost totally lost the ability to read and absorb a longish article on the web or in print," he wrote earlier this year.