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writhe in a sentence

1. In knot theory, the writhe is a property of an oriented link diagram.

2. The type I move is the only move that affects the writhe of the diagram.

3. A circular DNA molecule with a writhe of 0 will be circular.

4. This follows because flyping preserves writhe.

5. This follows because a knot's mirror image has opposite writhe.

6. The above example illustrates that twist and writhe are interconvertible.

7. Wr, called "writhe", is the number of superhelical twists.

8. In 1992, they recorded their first album, 13, at Writhe Studio.

9. All tracks were mixed by Bailter Space at Writhe in September 1992.

10. John Writhe (died 1504) was a long-serving English officer of arms.

11. – The serpent's curse upon you lies – you writhe within the dust.

12. I have seen him writhe under mental pain even upon a criticism of a poem."

13. When attacked by a snake it may writhe about and bite it on the head.

14. Its writhe is 5, and it is invertible but not amphichiral.

15. He was the second son of Garter King of Arms, John Writhe;

16. It’s an idea sure to make Christo writhe with envy.

17. Supercoiling is characterized by the linking number, twist and writhe.

18. When disturbed, this worm tends to curl up, writhe and wriggle.

19. The rays are long and flexible and writhe about in search of prey.

20. 2015 - Writhe and Jerk, Transition Gallery, London.

21. The fifth hooded shape began to writhe atop the wagon.

22. more the worms writhe, the more I yearn to crush out their entrails!

23. His dazed eyes stare at the eels, which still writhe and entwine.

24. writhings of power lie in that he cannot make its victims writhe.

25. They surely writhe under this pressure.

26. Students writhe under such great pressure.

27. worms writhe, the more I yearn to crush out their entrails!

28. Her remarks made him writhe with shame.

29. Of course students will writhe under such unjust treatment.

30. Her words made him writhe with shame.