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No. sentence
1 The teacher divided the class and took one section to the library and left the other to write an article.
2 Once you have done that, get another piece of paper out and write why you forgive them for each way that they hurt you.
3 Please write your name and address in print.
4 Many sources write articles against waste.
5 If you, like us, find that your application requires a great deal of manual coding, we suggest you create your own set of widget classes to simplify the code you write.
6 After a year of living here, he realizes he can't write a meaningful sentence about it.
7 write down your strengths and carry on with other part of SWOT analysis.
8 Write down your accomplishments and personal strengths.
9 Do you have the time to write the business plan for investor funding and to network within the community?
10 He helped you write this book.
11 Usually we write in journals, but I allow them to their writing in this book.
12 Journal. Similar to "write it down" above, but with a little more depth.
13 ability to write is a supreme test of linguistic competence.
14 There are lots of systems that follow this pattern, where you write some modules / components in source code then describe how they are connected using an external config file.
15 I generally write little vignettes about daily occurrences I’d like to remember, ” she said.
16 For, as we walk out, Mellon mentions she would like to write a book.
17 Now my husband runs the tailor shop, so I can write everyday from morning until night, even on festivals, beginning each day with a morning jog before writing.
18 Each client can write messages that are then broadcast to all other users.
19 He just smiled, invited me to write him about my feelings, and moved on to the next handshake.
20 Write a dramatic scene between two people in which each has a secret and neither of them reveals the secret to the other OR to the READER.
21 I had no choice but to write it down, so I could prove to my friends that nothing ever changes.
22 For example, if Ican write and speak fairly well, those are talents entrusted tome.
23 Write them deep down within your heart.
24 Set a quit date and write a "quit date contract" that includes your signature and that of a supportive witness.
25 She is going to write to him.
26 The old man asked me to write a letter for him.
27 If a poet is divorced from the hustle and bustle of life, he can't write inspiring poetry.
28 You shouldn't write such obscene things to humour their dirty interests.
29 Please write about the effect of tree planting on air in a city.
30 If you have emails or memos to write, do them all in one go.