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worsening in a sentence

1. In worsening health, Smetana continued to compose.

2. The problems are worsening.

3. Global water resource supplies are worsening.

4. and worsening of pre-existing respiratory problems.

5. Periods of worsening may occur due to infection.

6. This failed to prevent the crack from worsening.

7. Beryl's illness was worsening.

8. Proserpine was stuck in ice in worsening weather.

9. Its duration increases with worsening disease.

10. Her illness was obvious and worsening.

11. By fall, Robin's condition was worsening.

12. Jack's condition is worsening;

13. He retired in 1973 due to his worsening diabetes.

14. This has resulted in worsening contamination.

15. Nastya's condition is also worsening.

16. this caused a worsening of food rations.

17. Alderman's problems are worsening.

18. The weather is worsening.

19. The traffic is worsening day by day.

20. She has bad lungs and her health starts worsening.

21. Keable remained in Tahiti, his health worsening.

22. worsening water security;

23. This led to worsening security in the area.

24. worsening OCD; depression and anxiety;

25. profound and possibly worsening anorexia;

26. Two of the 10 experienced worsening depression;

27. the worsening caste system;

28. After worsening in the present, Beth dies.

29. It seems to be worsening.

30. The Delta region's lawlessness is worsening.