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No. sentence
1 He used me worse than ever.
2 His praise would only cart me worse.
3 Over the past decade, students have performed worse on federal history tests administered by the Department of Education than on tests in any other subject.
4 As your life gets further out of balance, you feel worse, causing you to exacerbate the problem by worrying and complaining more.
5 His temper is going from bad to worse these days.
6 This plot of paddy doesn't seem to be any worse than that one.
7 The patient took a turn for the worse.
8 The worse it gets, the more we wonder, "God, where are you in all of this?"
9 Worse of all, they doubt themselves.
10 But they might be worse.
11 There are much worse directors out there, some of whom have Oscars on their mantles.
12 Worse: 69% say she is not qualified to be president and only 30% that she is.
13 He could be fined, or worse.
14 A doctor says to his patient, “I have bad news and worse news”.
15 Or worse of all, do you avoid her altogether?
16 He could find another apartment and another job no worse than this one.
17 pickpocket only sets him up to learn worse tricks from hardened thugs.
18 From the moment I was split from my comrades, I was convinced that my bad situation had only gotten worse, and every subsequent sign seemed to confirm it.
19 In the future, news and myths will be thrown at us in greater volume and faster, for both better and worse.
20 Worse, they lack discipline because of the implicit guarantee.
21 There is nothing worse than a spoiled child who demands all the goodies for himself or herself.
22 Everything becomes worse.
23 But it gets worse.
24 Worse, your design may not be implemented and used properly if process management techniques are only talked about but not followed.
25 But if things take another turn for the worse, the big ones could end up back in the water.
26 Yet all of these trends continue to get rapidly worse, and there is no sign of that changing soon.
27 Even worse, it prevents them from learning skills that can lighten your load and make them feel more capable.
28 The police are in even worse shape, regarded by most Afghans as little better than robbers in uniform.
29 This suddenly means that you have quite different performance for integers crossing certain barrier - and bit worse performance for every integer out there.
30 I even find it frightfully embarrassing to write about snogging, or to watch it - particularly on telly - because it usually leads to something worse.