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worldview in a sentence

1. Ms. Houston's voice was the worldview.

2. The Spectacle is a materialized worldview.

3. A worldview can include natural philosophy;

4. That is, scalawags had "a broader worldview."

5. Words both reflect and shape our worldview.

6. Some see it as influenced by a Greek worldview.

7. Their general worldview;

8. We need a new worldview.

9. in short, the uniquely African worldview.

10. Morrison Academy has a "Biblical worldview."

11. and (b) a Jewish-Zionist worldview.

12. roll, our worldview on the music scene."

13. Certain cases affect her worldview, however.

14. they influenced El-P's worldview and lyrics.

15. Its worldview was based on several precepts.

16. WorldView-4 launched on 11 November 2016.

17. WorldView-4 launched on 11 November 2016.

18. sometimes my worldview also becomes personal.

19. Maxwell held to a theistic worldview.

20. have come challenges to the Christian worldview.

21. Diderot espoused a materialist worldview.

22. It carries in itself a new cosmic worldview.

23. secularity as a worldview and a way of life;

24. "Advanced Worldview Analysis".

25. It has a territorial nationalistic worldview.

26. to gradually adopt her mindset and worldview;

27. Morrigan is quick to show her amoral worldview;

28. They serve our worldview but they are not true.

29. He was extreme in his ascetic worldview.

30. It is a worldview.