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No. sentence
1 You will start the conversation with those people — employees and customers — whose worldview you are matching.
2 It is an immensely attractive notion, deeply rooted in the Enlightenment worldview of which all of us in the liberal world are the product.
3 Well, it's good to know that the senator is capable of revising his theories after he acquires new information, a necessary condition for a truly scientific worldview.
4 Greenspan, uncharacteristically befuddled, went up to Capitol Hill on Thursday and lamented that some sort of fissure had erupted in his previously impregnable worldview.
5 Examine your own habits and ask what they say about your relation to the world - and what would have to change to create a worldview in which your goals were attainable.
6 The worldview that emerges from the writings of the New Testament makes more sense out of more reality than any other worldview.
7 Was Josiah, too, driven by a zero-sum worldview in which the worshippers of gods other than Yahweh looked like enemies?
8 So, Kaufman says that the pagan worldview is one of an amoral universe ; Not a moral universe; not an immoral universe; but an amoral universe. It is morally neutral.
9 Social psychologists have since tested this hypothesis in more than 400 experiments that aim to explore different aspects of our worldview, from patriotism to religion.
10 Society gives us language, a worldview, an identity, a set of rules and rituals to live by.
11 This is just what happened with the judges: when reminded that they would one day die, they were more severe in punishing those who violated their worldview.
12 There was, after all, something charming about the blithe eclecticism of this worldview.
13 we are taught in schools, and all we see in the media (news, films, books, magazines, Internet) has a worldview that we're meant to conform to.
14 It reflects progress in people's understanding of history, and also progress in people's worldview," said Ao Yichang, a professor in the Chinese Department at Chongqing University.
15 In the second chapter, "the Mythology of Hinduism," we explore the worldview of one of the earliest evolving Eastern religious philosophies - that of the ancient Hindus.
16 Alternatively, you might choose to embrace the scientific worldview and reject all these humanist values.
17 Lu Xun's short stories were unorthodox in their language, as well as their worldview.
18 President George Bush's Manichean worldview - "you are either with us or against us" -is now echoed in Bangkok by those who see the red shirts as terrorists in the pay of Mr Thaksin.
19 of Buddhism in Sansho Dayu is doubtless attributable to a change in Mizoguchi's own worldview: he had recently embraced the Nichiren sect of the religion.
20 The true, bleak worldview of satire would have demanded the abortion of one character's fetus as a final sting and judgment.
21 If we continually latch onto the same worldview, how can we grow and improve our lives?
22 radical new worldview in the Bible was monotheism. But why, you might ask, should the idea of one God instead of many be so radical?
23 Unlearning is the process of becoming aware of how one's conditioning (past experience) biases one's worldview and behavior.
24 Confirmation bias is a psychological phenomenon in which people are more likely to remember events that fit their worldview.
25 Some friends can take your self-improvement as a challenge to their worldview.
26 I think happiness at it's core means questioning the status quo and continually rethinking your worldview.
27 Throughout his career, Rosling has maintained a fact-based worldview - an understanding of how global health trends act as a signifier for economic development based on hard data.
28 Diversity of accent and skin colour do not necessarily mean diversity of worldview.
29 Such thinking is in tune with the way the military has long thought of itself—a worldview that has led to trouble in the past.
30 His worldview was fixed: America, good, Russia and Germany, bad.