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1 AT&T supports iPhone tethering but charges an additional $20 per month for the service, and it only works with one device at a time.
2 them, hanging from every wall, or upon stands in the round, are the works of those who came before them and reached the apex of their profession.
3 We can imagine the one-screen design will be too fiddly for anyone with big fingers, but it works for us - you can just zip around the screen touching various areas to change the Settings.
4 The mouse and keyboard input is the only function of this app, but it works quite well.
5 One question, Tan says, is how efficiently the process works for massive versus light stars, because that's likely to be the mechanism that determines stellar mass.
6 In this article, I describe how the transformation works and the current limitations.
7 Slightly smaller than the head of a match - the best implants today are only as small as a matchbox - the chip works by blocking pain signals on their way to the brain.
8 Supriyah Shah is a student at George Washington University where she works in local community service while waiting for her Posting.
9 Change that does not return to policies that empower government to make our choices for us, but that works to ensure that we have choices to make for ourselves.
10 This book counts among the best of his works.
11 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.
12 Every year, when winter descends on the country, one of English literature’s great works always finds itself pulled down from my bookshelf: namely, William Thackeray’s immortal Vanity Fair.
13 This works about as expected: Adjusting the vertical slider changes the range of the horizontal slider.
14 She was invited to hang her works in a local art show.
15 Next, you should confirm that the Bus prototype works.
16 Dali was famous for his surrealist works, including The Persistence of Memory, The Face of Mae West, The Metamorphosis of Narcissus and The Temptation of St. Anthony.
17 But the city also has excellent restaurants and a Salvador Dali Museum with a large collection of the surrealist painter's works.
18 His works were not highly regarded until he died in 1936.
19 works under the hot sun is liable to sunstroke.
20 No, the ban on pictures is meant to safeguard the copyright of the works hung on the walls - a fact that every member of staff I asked instantly confirmed.
21 For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus unto good works, which God hath before ordained that we should walk in them.
22 The young man works his way up to the top.
23 These art works bear witness to the creativeness of the Chinese people.
24 He proposed an exhibition of works of art.
25 me, these are works of art.
26 Once you understand how GRUB works, you'll be able to ponder the question raised here.
27 Romans is a complicated letter, but it wasn't as simple you might give the idea from traditional Protestant piety which is, works are human activity.
28 Paul talks about works in Romans he's clearly talking about works of Jewish law.
29 To ensure that your resume works for (and not against) you, I recommend writing it more like a proposal than a job description.
30 The secret is to change your environment so it works for you rather than against you.